Ashley Force crash

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What's a PEEPS anyway :?:
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She already has a year or two in a top alcohol dragster, and won a few events, but as we know the longer the car the easier it is to drive. Maybe top alcohol funny car should have been the next step, before the nitro funny car. But even then the alcohol cars doesn't emit the violence for a nitro car.
I think John is second guessing himself at this moment, but i think in the end she will be back in a car at Sonoma and like everyone else says it's hopeful that she doesn't hurt herself or most especially someone else.
Most of us remember Bruce Allen's crash that ended his career, and he had been driving for yrs.
I've been racing for over 50 yrs. and had just about everything happen to me except being on fire or upside down, but i've never experienced the thrill of drive a nitro car and i don't have a clue how quick they can become a monster. I have driven cars with a 92" wheel base at over 150mph and an alcohol funny car at over 200mph and if they are anywhere close to a nitro car they are more than a handful.

just my .02

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" A Bumble BEE doesn't suppose to fly but it does "...

read all the words in the statements the Boyz posted you will find out NO-ONE said she wasn't a good driver...the whole point made was that she should have taken a path that would have allowed her to get a little more experience for everyone's benefit..........

Heck man..i can go to Hawley's drag racing school and get my Super comp license next week..DOES THIS MEAN I AM PREPARED TO RUN A FULL SUPER COMP EVENT ?.....

I personally went thru Buck Baker Driving School (round track) and obtained my nascar license..i have even drove (alone) Ryan Newmans #12 car at full speed at Darlingtion Raceway...DOES THIS MEAN I SHOULD HAVE A FULL RIDE SPONSORSHIP IN THE NEXTAL CUP DIVISION ????....let me answer that for you...HECK NO !!!!

now as far as PEEP is concerned... i got something you can take a 'PEEP" at.

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John better watch out, sponsors don't like seeing their cars on fire and and on the guardrail, they pay to see them in the winners box. But if its headlines they want he giving them 100%! :shock:
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I would imagine headlines come circle second.
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I would have to agree on that point, she may never win a race but look how much coverage she has gotten for her sponsors.
just my .02 on that subject
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