Gotta dent in my slicks

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Originally Posted by zipper06
I don't know if it's tire problem or a tube problem, but i do know if you put tubes in a slick you need to put about 1/2 can/bottle of baby powder in each tire before ever blowing it up.
I also run tubes in my tires, but most everyone i know does not. the solution to leaking tubeless slicks is to put 1/2 bottle of dish washing soap in before installation, i mean mop it in and the tire will never leak. Everyone i know uses this method.

Just my 2 cents.

ZIP i have used the dishwashing liquid myself on the tubeless tires on my 67 camaro...they would still leak down but would take up to 3 or 4 times longer to leak down..but i am sure this was a rim to tire seal instead of losing it thru the rubber itself..u are right this technique has been around for decades an old timer turn me on to this 5 yrs ago.

later bjuice

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