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I have enjoyed this forum for a few weeks now. The only other forum that I frequent is the FE forum because that's the engine that I've been running for the last 20 years +. I'm a drag racer and have been looking for a forum of drag racers. I think I have found a home in RJ. I thinks this forum is well managed and has an up to date format. For what I have seen, there is talent, knowledge and experiance here in abundance. The home built as well as the proffessionaly built cars all reflect this. I'm glad this forum is here and for one will keep being part of it as long as permitted. Keep up the good work! :wink:
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Well I guess it is my fault,I should have put up Georges re-edited reply to this matter of misunderstanding.Here it is.

From MSV

Originally Posted by gdmii
Thanks guys. You know, when you believe in something it's not hard to find a way to help all you can. I believe in this board. It's the best of it's type I have seen, meaning all you guys make it what it is. And it's certainly the best managed. Just a compliment, Ken. Not a&& kissin. =; There's a couple of good technical boards out there but they're not well managed and one in particular is almost as bad as RJ was prior to Tom McDunnah moderating it with all the personal insults. All that stuff does is take away from the commraderie and the sincerity of the technical advice. I'm proud to be a part of what we have here as should each of you.


Now with that said,George is 100% right on his posts about the past,we were here and it wasn't pretty,with no control.

Now its totally different,well we try to make it better for everyone here that has an opinion.

I said it before and I'll say it again,I have no problem what so ever with anyone on any forum.I like to have fun just like the next guy,but mostly its in fun. :P Some of you know I like to Razz people,but I hope its not taken the wrong way,sometimes it is I usually appoligize anyway if it affects someone when I am confronted. When I am wrong I'll admit it.I have not a problem with it.

Anyway,I think George is a stand up guy here,and had lots of laughs with George,with some of his humor,I consider him as one of my southerner friends,and I have alot of them :P

Thanks again George,I hope this don't get too far out of hand here.Accually This post was to get others opinions of whats going on here now,and to see If I needed to take another look at myself and see if I was actually doing the right thing here as far as running the board,but as any Normal human being there is always room for improvement,but I am trying :P

There Is 1 Thing Better Than Cubic Inches,,,More Of Them
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I will say one last thing on this and I'm sure tom can back me up on this i was a member when i this was going on and still am .
If he can look back i very seldom made a post just because no matter what you said you would get pounded over it right or wrong it didn't matter
i don't know how many post that i have made in the last year or so but it's a lot compared to before tom has done a unbelievable job since he took over and continues to do so.
i was like the fourteenth person to join MSV and i enjoy the site very much they are a great group of guy's and I'm on there everyday .
Both places have a lot to offer and George is a great guy and a great addition to the MSV admin. group.
and I'm proud to say that iv seen both these guy's effort to do a outstanding job and handle things like men the way it should be .
Ron owens. Done
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Tom you can end the madness you have the lock because we all know the right story. Wesley
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i came in on the tail end of the madness that use to be here and jumped ship with the rest of the MSV guys. i came back from time to time and it started getting to be a good site so here we are now a great site with good guys watching out for us. thanks to Tom and our newest mods for making it what it is now. Avery
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Tom is the man!!!!

We have a great site with great people!!!!!!!

Thank you Tom for making such a cool place to be.

And George, You cool too man!!!! 8)
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