what gear to run

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I think you should try and shift it higher. Go up 100rpm each pass and see where it likes it. Also you have a 5000 stall, you are only using 1000rpm if you are shifting it @ 6k. My old 406 with AFR210 made peak power 587hp @ 6700rpm, I shifted it around 7200rpm. Also might want to try a a wilson 4 hole to open spacer. I put one on my 434 and picked up 10hp and cleaned the fuel curve up a ton on the dyno!!! You need to improve your 60' foot. If you cut your 1.5 60' with a 123mph you should be in the 10's.
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Originally Posted by z2811secpass
if i had a 3 barrel i would 20 lb sledge it.but no it's a 950 holley hp double pumper. i think i need to upgrade cams . im not happy with a 256 266 @ 50 with 625 lift solid roller i should just throw in a 278 280 645 645 on a 108 solit flat tappet and be happy but i wanted to try my first full roller and it was free to use so it went in . thanks for the advise
ya know z28...i will tell ya something that will help that motor out and i have tried it to verify..and that is running one of thse HVH super suckers..i have a buddy that runs a rail dragster and is a BIG points racer..i mean his stuff is dialed in..he keeps recorded logs etc...

this is sort of on the lines of what dragginby is speaking of..but some different....also if you have room get the 2 inch model

anyhow the super sucker picks him up 3 hundreths...take it off and the dragster runs 3 hundreths slower..

i placed one on my camaro and it picked up the responsivness BIGTIME...

try it out....cost about $110.00 retail..comes in aluminum or poly material ( plastic :lol: :lol: ).......you might have to richen up your carb..run it a full pass..Kill it on the other end and get a tow back and pull the plugs and check them or just place a spark plug wrench in your back pocket and check the plugs before you go down the return road...our tracks at home have a spot you can pull over and do this type thing on the big end


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im open to try differant things . i'll try one i have a open plastic one i could throw on just to try too.. thanks guys for the reponces .it'll all help i just need patience. thank you
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Get the convertor built for that application. it will be worth way more then a gear change. I have a 3000 pound 7.00 1/8 mile car with a 363 sbc and glide. It's 60' is 1.41 your short time is pretty slow for that e.t. the turbo trans has a lot more torque multiplication then a glide and the convertor that was right for th trans is drastically wrong for a glide. I've been there before. Give neal chance a call.

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