they make u feel stupid

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I love and hate emails....
I have emailed companies before and some reply some dont, some a very short reply, not really answering your questions...
I am sure a lot of companies get hundereds emails a day and perhaps spam filters delete some important emails. Make sure what is in your subject line makes sense to the guy on the other end otherwise your email may be mistaken as spam...

I have always found for important information, a couple of bucks for a long distance phone call can help more than all the emails in the world.
Have a list of questions ready and get the quy talking.

As far as companies with attitudes, I had found one convertoer company like that, I will just go and buy elsewere.

As far as them telling me what I want, well, I think by know I kind of know, and will tell them so, but that is different from asking for say a cam or converter recomendation.
Usually the guy on the other end is only trying to get you to buy a higher priced item, the ol' bait and switcht game.

A year ago, i went into stables business depot looking for a printer, they had a nice lexmark on sale, 60 bucks or something, I asked the sales guy if they had anymore, He said, " yes but you dont want one of those, they have terrible ink yeild, you want one of these canon printers (120 bucks)." I said, well then, why do you carry lexmark? He said something about a corporate desicion to carry them.
They didnt get a sale that day, thinking back I should have gone to his manager.
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hey mcracecars
thanx for the reply, well i started out calling and paying for the call
but thats why the post is called "they make u fell stupid", every
time i would call, MSD, Tom's differentials, Chris Alston, Lunati,
crane cams, and too many to mention, even the parts dealer like
summit, jeg's, they let you know that you don't know what you want.
and then the part you want won't work for what you want. but in the
late 70's thru 80's i ordered my camshafts from Chet Herbert, and
the man would answer the phone himself and would talk to you and
find out what you wanted in the cam then custom grind a cam and
send it to me w/lifter for $35. and i still have one for a sbc.
Chet never made you feel stupid even when I was building my first
sbc, a good man. his son is Doug Herbert
take care
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