Gas to Alky, Compression Ratio

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I've run low compression carbureted alky engines for about 12 years now and they run quicker on alky than they do on gas. 434SBC with a .100 DISH piston and 76cc Track 1 heads went 5.39 on pump gas in a Cameron dragster I had 2 years ago. One week later on alky it went 5.34.

Bottom line is yes, more compression will make more power but if money is an object and you want to run it I wouldn't let the lack of 15 to 1 stop me from doing just that.

I even ran the stuff on the street in my yellow car with a belt drive pump. That car ran 10.0s @ 134 at Rockingham in 1998 at Super Chevy on alky in street trim and it weighs 3500lbs with the fat assed driver in it.

Desktop dyno says 40 more HP on alky on that engine over gas with all else being the same.

Go for it Bubba! :wink:
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Default camaro

hey ken, how is the camaro running.
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I think you would be money ahead to replace that cast crank with I nice forged unit. Especially since your upping the compression. :wink:
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I ran a 540 BBC with 11.1 comp.on alky enderle bird catcher for 4 years 5.90,s to 6.0,s never a problem 3421 lbs
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we were told by blp=bow laws that the cut off was 15.2 compression and 7200 rpm that was the rough cut off on rpm. personly we think that is just a guide line and you would be fine if you were in that area and down on compression and ok up to 7500. cylinder volume has a lot do do with alchol and you have a small volume. do your research call around.
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Man you have allot more faith in that stock bottom end than I do, small fords bottoms are inheritely weak to begin with, definetly put a main stud guirdle on that thing, you are pushing the limits already with your set up and then your thinking about adding higher compression and alky you sure are asking allot out of some oem componets. forged internals would be money well spent. Is that a 63 falcon I see in the pic? I had a original 63 falcon futura 260 v8 car it had 13 inch 5 lug rims, looked funny as hell but man that thing was fast, one of my biggest regrets was selling that car. Goodluck, Charles
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Don't let that stock bottom scare you off. I have a friend running a stock block, Scat cast crank & hyper pistons & running 9.60's dragging the bumper in a #2800 car. Ran a bottle on it forever. Biggest problem will be the main caps walking around, nothing more.
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