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When you say you modified the starter, what did you do to it..I must have gotten lost along the way...Thanks cause I ran into this with a Camaro once...
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Originally Posted by vwdragster
I think I have the starter problem solved. I cranked it up last night and everything seemed to work good. I modified the one starter gear to be closer to the flywheel. Why I had to do this, I and many others don't know! I got a lot of puzzled looks when I asked some friends at the racetrack. One guy said they saw the same problem and had to modify the starter. Anyway, it felt great to crank it up again! I should be able to go test in a week or so. Thanks again guys for the ideas! It made me feel better to get some feedback from some other racers. When in doubt, fix it yourself! 8)
Dude thats the screwist thing i have ever heard...but i am relieved in a funny kind of way that you got it fixed...
i am with Perry i gotta know what you did to the starter..i know it invloved moving the gear closer to the flywheel..but how did you do it ?

later and good luck on that pass...and remember you can always install a 4 speed and roll jump start the car...


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We looked at both starters(the one that came with the old block and the one I bought) and thought about milling the starter mounting block down. I realized that we would would have to take off so much, it would not work. The starter gear on the old starter was removable(from the shaft). By putting the gear on backwards, it moved the gear closer to the end of the starter. I took a grinder and beveled the edges of the starter gear. I had to make a small retainer for the end of the gear and put a snap ring on top of the retainer. The funny part is the old junky looking starter turns the engine over much faster than the brand new powermaster starter did! Well, at least I have a spare brand new starter- the only bad part is it won't work!
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The engine should not need more than 350 to 400 rpm to start.

Any gear reduction starter will turn the engine slower than a direct rive starter will.

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