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i have never seen any big power gain yet and tried them on aleast 40-50 engines. when i do get a power gain it's never more the 5-10hp so i have to agree with topsportsman save your money and spend it some were else.
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Thanks guys on the info.I will save my money for something else.
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Granted these spacers may not be the best bang for your buck , but the fact remains they do work given that they are used on the proper application, it takes some experimenting to find just what works best for your combo, you just cant buy something and hope it works u have to research it and make a informed decision and go from there. I personally use a 2 inch open wood spacer that works great and I also use a KN stubstack to further inhance the air speed into the carb. Ive never had the luxury of a dyno to prove that they work I have to go by numbers at the track and without these 2 items on my current combo the car slows. Horsepower is expensive sometimes but thats what I love about racing and working on cars is the tuning and tweaking to get those few extra horses its very satisfying to me but then again some people would rather sit on the couch and say it cant get no better so I'm gonna leave it alone or its too expensive, yeah right like u didnt just spend an extra 200 or 300 bucks on that fancy carb or a 1000 on them bad azz heads...lol whatever.
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Default Super Sucker....

Originally Posted by slowman
i have never seen any big power gain yet and tried them on aleast 40-50 engines. when i do get a power gain it's never more the 5-10hp so i have to agree with topsportsman save your money and spend it some were else.
I tried one/for free as a test/when we dynoed My 572 BBC...fUNNY...just after I read the note of A PROMISED 15 TO 30 HP.gain I think the directions said,along with the gimmick "Bolt on,Sit down,and hang on,We fired the Dyno...It lost 10 hp.over no spacer...This was a 11/2 in.unit.....I then bolted on a Wilson open spacer and got the 10 plus 10 back.....'member though...it is all in the combination....
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Default My 2 cents

I used to sell these HVH spacers and yes the plastic ones did burn up and the aluminum ones were better but I liked the fact that the plastic was used as an isolater but they didn't work for long... I had one customer return his plastic 4 hole that was so warped and disfigured I just was amazed at how it warped and melted... but I sold every one of them.. and the next orders came with DRAG RACE ONLY on the plastic spacers..

I let a Super Stocker buddy of mine try it ( HVH 4 hole aluminum x 1" spacer ) now his race car ran 9.72 with a open hole 1" spacer so he swapped it for the HVH and NO other changes to the car & it ran 9.60 .. believe it or not..that's a lot more than 15 + horse power gain on a 9 sec car..

I sold another one to a Super stocker buddy of mine and he gained 2 tenths on his 10 second camaro.. I currently have one of these on BBC 69 Camaro and believe me when I say these spacers are WELL worth the $100. to buy them.. my opinion only I don't sell them any longer but I do run a 2 hole spacer plate x 1 inch on my other car with a dual plane intake and it runs great, not a drag car..
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well I'm no perfect engine tuner but I'm learning. I Have a 665 H/p 434 sbc in a 85 camaro that runs 6.20 @112mph in the 1/8 - I have a Dart intake with a 950 ultra hp Holley, I put a 1'' 4 hole wood spacer no change, I put a open 1'' wood spacer no change, I put a HVH 4 hole super sucker no change, it still runs the same no better no worse, is there anyone that could tell me how much larger jets should go with the spacers, my timing is @ 38 degrees and I've pretty much kept it there.
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