Updated Pictures of My new Car !!

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Default License passes all done

Hey Brian, more things happening, I got my sportsman license this past weekend at Norwalk, and even had Bill BaderJr. sign it off , and a father & son team both signed off also and the 65+ year old dad has his adv. et license trying to run 5's in his altered, blown Oddy 540 (TURD) as he called it, nice piece also, so I made some new friends and went 9.98, 9.95 & 9.91 to finish the runs off. Great weekend for me also, even going red in the first round, but who cares, it runs 9's now . More updates later, and do you know anyone who has a Richmond 12 bolt PRO GEARSET of 4:56 ratio????? my 4:88 just goes thru the traps way too high for my likin, let me know if you find a set by chance, oh, and the new HP 1150 helped out also with the 9's, even in the hot weather 8)

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hey i will check around...i have one in the shop but i will have to count the teeth..i think its a 4.11.......man there is no turning back now...you headed toward the 8's...time for one of those 3k trannys....LMAO... 8) 8) .

Good hearing from you John..THATS WHAT IS ALL ABOUT MY FRIEND..

I personally could care less going rounds right now..i have so much fun trying to beat myself and making my machine faster and faster...its great Fun....NO-ONE will ever be as big of an OPPONENT AS YOURSELF !!!..


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Default reply

Yeah, but when you could use some return on the investment, it sure would help out yeah, go ahead and LYAO, and you can send that check to help me go 8's any time now It is fun trying to go faster & faster, but the money seems to run out from time to time, so, if I can get a few bucks back once in a while, it will keep my wife happy and she will want to keep going to the track she diggs the crap out of it, and when I hit 9's, heck, I thought it was no big deal, but she went crazy, jumping all over me and wanting sex then :shock: LMAO now couple of Mike's hard lemonaid and in the tent we go 8) 8)
Anyway, the cooler weather is a comin up here in Michigan and I can't wait to run again, we are going to Memphis for the NMCA finals and can't wait to go, about 3 weeks from now, so I will throw some new rubber on the rear axle and hope for cooler temps, "and NO rain"! Yeah, I could also use a win or two to upgrade to an aftermarket trans case, either TCI or BES?, is that the company I am thinking of, no BTE that's it, and transfer my guts to the new case, maybe get a better convertor, who knows....
So I have a few weeks off and it will kill me I know it, but, hopefully it will pay off in Memphis, or later in a bracket race local here.

Good talking with you again Brian, stay cool 8)


ps, got an e-mail I can send a pic of my car to you?, it was on PINKS here in Detroit in July????? and when I get another picture scanned, I can send that one also, it does small wheelies, but more weight is in the making as I want higher and longer wheelies for the camera shots
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