best cam break in oil

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Low Emmisions or LE on an oil container means it is not for racing. Never have seen emissions junk that helps performance.

Problem with racing oils that are rated at 0 w. How do you think it got from 10w down to 0? It begins at 0 w. After additives are added at the minimum it will go up one count or by 5 w rating. That makes it to be a 15 w. W is not weight it is WINTER Ratings. So the only way I know of for oil to go down to a 0 W rating is with added solvents. IN other words watered down with solvents. No thank you for me.

If you are trying out the Rotella T be wary if it says Low Emmisions or LE on the package. If you are trying the Dello Be wary about LE or Low Emmisions. Shell Rotella T HD and Dello MUlti-Grade both in 15w-40 ratings.

And here is the real kicker.
None of us that are not a chemist or oil systems analyst have no way to know for certain.

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