2003 fleetwood discovery for 69k With 35 k miles be care ful

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Default 2003 fleetwood discovery for 69k With 35 k miles be care ful

This guy is a theif and stole my deposit and now he has posted sorry folks buyer didn't uphold there agreement that's BS told
I give him deposit to hold it till loan went through all we was waiting on was the paper work and I keep him updated on everything all the way I called him to tell him I needed two more weeks for the bank and he zapped out like a freak and said he had it sold 14 times but said it was sold and it was to me he wanted me to go put 5k more on it and if I didn't have the rest of the money in exactly two weeks he would keep everything if would of been a man and talked to me with side I would of put more on it till two weeks he also said he understood how these loans work I said if you have it sold and don't want to wait I understand if that's what you want to do just give me my deposit back he said f- u no way I tried to rush the loan as much as I could cuz he said earlier in the sale if we didn't get it done on the 17 th then we would have to wait 3 weeks later so what was the diff.there is none this guy is a thief and he knows it I dont know if I can put the ad number on here here but it's on the premier ads now under motorhomes it's a fleetwood discovery with 35 k miles for 69000 and said it was 220k new so everybody be careful he sounds like a nice guy until you give him your money but he stole mine he is a jerk I really wanted this bad and then he did this :twisted:
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Might want to check on the deposits being held and not returned. Your transaction was voided. You should be entitled to your money back. Sorry to hear the dude wouldn't man up. I always believe that the seller should be entitled to keep something out of the deposit for compensation of their time and any small expenses incurred within reason.
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Crappy situation, Shawn and I think different then most people and would give back the deposit. The seller actually would have a leg to stand on and not giving the deposit back if it wasn't paid in full on agreed date, so the two week wait would of voided giving the deposit back.
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I would not have requested a deposit to begin with cause I'm like David I would only return it anyway. I have sold several things on here one being a 63 Vette the price was way OVER $55,000..and buyer was from Canada. He wanted to send over a deposit but I refused to take it . I ask him the day he would be here and have the cash.

Sorry man I wish I could go help u kick his a$$ . Cause thats what he needs by reading your post....real sorry.


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