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I don't know, but for the record i ran [email protected] with a 3,000lb 66 nova on pump gas about 20 yrs. ago with a 406" motor with ported double hump heads. We could then buy 100 octane.
I will say that i tried Edlebrock, and all other manifolds. The only one that preformed good was a holly, i ran duel 660 center squirters and they perfomed great even at 110 degrees temp day time in Phx. I also ran the same setup on a 377" and it ran 10.50's in the same temp. In my views there has not been a tunnel ram that out of the box out performed the holly tunnel ram.
Today with cam advances and good heads i can now run that with a 750 holly on a single plane manifold.
Either way if you want to run a tunnel ram i would choose the holly.

Just my .02

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(Off Topic post)

Hey Zipper,
I love those 660 center squirters. That is after I monkey with them and make the linkage to be a semi-progressive. Those things work on small blocks and on big blocks. I also love the way you adjust the idle richness by just changing wire sizes in the pvcrs.

Can you believe that in 1987 I sold a Weiand Pro High Ram (with bolts on the outside) with three tops and all linkage, special float bowls, fuel logs and two regulators with a matched pair of tricked out 660's for the give away price of $250.00. Man I should have been shot for doing that.

I do have a neat 850 center squirter in my possession now to build if I get the time and can get the parts. I like center squirters.

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Default SBC Tunnel Setup

I have tunnel setup on Chevy SB 400cid. 11:1 compression, with AFR heads and Comp cam 270H on a 1:6 Roller Rockers.
It's using a pair Holley 390CFM Carb. on a Edelbrock Street Tunnel Ram.
I have no problem at all with the setup. I have enough low end torqe to pull tree stumps. With 12 bolt 4:10 gears and turbo 350, with 3000 stall converter in my 69 Chevelle, it will make your hair stand on end when you hit the gas pedal. :twisted:
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I am currently running a Weiand single carb T-ram with a 750 HP Holley on a 388" sbc. Works great but I do have lots of gear and converter also. I can't see using 2 750 cfm carbs and have it run hard though. Steve.
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Sell the 750 and buy 2 450's
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