Crankshaft turning???

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Default Crankshaft turning???

Has anyone out there ever heard of turning a crankshaft to clear the throws for clearance???? I have had a engine builder who has taken Me for way too much time and money tell Me that he needs to send My crankshaft to Callis to have it turned down to clear the botton of the pistons....
This builder has had My motor way too long and is and now trying another stall tactic...He said he will flip the bill for the hastle and is sorry...Sound like a scammer????
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We need a ton more info and history of YOUR deal with him. Any documentation?
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if you are building a extreme stroker engine, i could see trying this. If you are building a common cubic inch engine, you have mis matched parts, the wrong rods and or pistons for the stroke of your crank. Before cutting the diameter off a crank you need to make sure the your pistons and rods have a lighter balancing weight than stock
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Years ago before you could buy matched rotating assemblies I bought a Lunati crank, Childs & Alberts aluminum rods, and Arias pistons for a 9.8 deck BBC. I used a .400 long rod but the counter weights hit the pistons. So I sent the crank back to Lunati and they machined the counter weights down to work with my combo.

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