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I should have posted this Notice earlier in 2010, but I orginally thought it was not necessary, but found differently later .

I/WE Hereby give NOTICE that CAM PERFORMANCE & MURRAY WILLIAMS are NO LONGER ASSOCIATED or AFFILIATED in ANY WAY or FORM WITH ANY BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS OR Related Business Dealings OR in any Personal FORM or WAY, WITH V's HOUSE OF HORSEPOWER & RON VNUK of Bedford/Walton Hills Ohio (Cleveland Area)... A couple of years ago the two of us formed a Buisness Affiliation in which V's House of Horsepower would provide machining of engine parts & assembly labor of engines for my customers & also ship & receive & provide storage of my ( Cam Performance) parts & engines to service my customers requirements , keeping it Completely separate from his own established business & customers . WE only had a verbal agreement as to what each would provide to this working business relationship & he also collected & banked some of my customer payments & paid some of my suppliers invoices for parts & services provided to my business..... I had to TERMINATE this Buisness Relationship after approx 2 years ,last April 2010 as it came to my attention that the services he was providing me & my customers was No longer up to the agreed High Quality & Standards he had verbally Promised me & previously verbally agreed to . I have moved my buisness operations to a new location in Ohio...I LEFT ,as I no longer felt comfortable with our business relationship & how he conducted business with me & my company & how he serviced my customers. I am sure in fact I Know he has many Loyal & Satisfied customers of his own & I will not mention any other reasons for our split other than the above...the rest is between him & me only !

SO I now just felt it that is was proper to give this NOTICE to members of Racing Junk , But more importantly to properly INFORM the Customers of Cam Performance & the Customers of V's House of Horsepower & any other business's that supplied either parts or services to either of our two companies.

YES there areTwo sides to any agreement or arguement...this is My side & is done without malice .

I & my Business have been a Member of Racing Junk since the First Year they went on line in 2002..Member # 757 of over 300,000 or more Members ( I think), & we have earned the rating given by racing junk of being a HONOR GOLD SELLER . Thanks Racing Junk & thanks to those who helped my business along the way & even Thanks to Ron Vnuk.

I have owned & operated a Reputable Automotive Retail & Wholesale Buisness in the Automotive Hi-Performance & Racing Industry with High Standards of Service for OVER 36 YEARS ..It is only a Small Family Operated Business, but I/we are Proud of what we have achieved & the Level Of Quality Service & Fair Pricing we have given to our many customers...I personally have been involved in & participated in the Great Sport of Drag Racing since 1969.....YES I am what some refer to as... an Old Fart !

ALSO Yes I am a Canadian & I hope that is Not held against me...some on racing junk have warned others that this might be an issue for concern..I have NO Idea Why ?....I own & operate along with my Family a Retail & Wholesale Shop selling Hi-Performance & Racing Parts & Engines & Accessories in Ontario Canada...I ALSO have MOVED my USA Operations from The Cleveland Area to a New Location Near Dayton Ohio & have new Affiliate Business agreements with owners of business's that have Many long years of service & expertise in the Automotive Hi-Performance & Racing Industry. From the new location we will be warehousing & distributing Hi-Performance & Racing Auto Parts & Engines & offering Higher Quality machine shop & labor Services than before & with shipping service & customer satisfaction follow up with many of our thousands of customers in The USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & other countires around the world.

I know I will probably receive some Comments over this, but as to whether they are supportive or not, that is OK, But hopefully Not Rude or Derogratory or Defamatory !

Thanks for your time for all who Read this & Put up with my Ramblings & Thanks to Racing Junk for this forum on which members can express themselves.

Murray Williams
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I have 2 motors from Ronnie V and V's House of Horsepower. I have almost 850 recorded runs between the 2 motors both on mule and with the spray. Never 1 problem, issue or complaint. Ronnie has a growing amount of motors throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and PA and motors competing on the NHRA and IHRA divisional and national event level finishing well within their respective classes and divisions. Ronnie was also asked to be the official motor builder for Summitt Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH signing a multi-year agreement. Ronnie list of success and accomplishments only continue to grow. If I even for 1 moment thought there was any reason to distrust Ronnie for his quality or professionalism he would not be on my list of sponsors which include many of the top companies in the business. Ronnie is the only hands that I will put my motors in and my only recommendation to those who ask. It is nice when people come back and say thank you for recommending a quality product.

Yeah Murray, I know the deal. Ronnie didn't need to come on here last spring to try to belittle you. Ronnie was pretty flattered that you felt it necessary to promote your products using an add that showed the V's House of Horsepower decals up thru last month. I guess you just need to do what you need to do to keep business going. So be it and good luck to you and your new shop.

And for the record:

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