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Default Owner of Car cannot be found

About two years ago I Was asked to Help a friend of a friend Fix his 2006 Dodge Charger That had various problems including A TIming belt that needed to be replaced As well as a water pump an alternator replacement which I did all three within about a weeks time and I contacted that person and told them that they could come pick the car up and we had agreed on a price for the repairs and he assured me he would be to pick the car up within a Day or two and flash forward 24 months Two years later and the car is still sitting in my driveway and that guy is nowhere to be found my friend does not know where he's at he's just gone he's nowhere to be found and I've been unable to locate him on social media it's like he just left the area but I did finally get In touch with his sister and she told me that she had no idea where he was at that he just takes off and will be gone for sometimes up to a year at a time and then finally show back up. I explained to his sister that I still had his core which I had repaired But he had never paid me for the repairs and had never come and picked it up and it's been over two years And she told me that when even his car anyway that he had gotten it from a friend and he had never paid them for it And that the Person that was supposedly the owner of the car had passed away 7 months ago so I have no idea what to do the car will start it runs great it's got a super straight body the interior has all the parts to it new alternator new water pump new timing belt as well as a new battery. What can I do with this car To get it out of my driveway as soon as possible? I would let someone come and get it for the original repair bill which is $520 And that includes the Price of the battery. The only issue is in that two year. I have lost the key.i need some ideas on what I can do with this vehicle. I'm in the state of Texas and not asking for any money up front for anything if someone's interested let me know And we can work something out to where it's just you pick up the vehicle and give me the money at the same time. I had a bad experience on this very platform with a scammer and I'm not trying to go through that crap again.
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