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Default User Feedback-Last year to be a member

I believe this is going to be my last year as a racing junk member! I used to get trade or buy offers all the time from this site but NOT anymore. After browsing around on here and seeing that all the big dealers get all the prime spots and are absolutely RIDICULOUS on their prices, Its no wonder that nobody looks on here to find a car anymore. I am a dealer also but only have 4-5 cars at a time, unlike these guys posting 200 cars that are asking 3-5 times what a reasonable person would pay! Do they just like seeing this stuff in print? Or are there really idiots out there that are going to pay $85,000 for a car that's really worth $25,000- $30K ??? One would think that My cars would sell immediately based on my prices verses these BS prices, but in reality I believe that all the realistic buyers have left the site because of having to sort through all the BS cars to find a good one! Yes I know that I could pay money to have my cars put to the top also but I'm not going to pay extra to have my cars thrown in with these guys, and if these cars are supposed to be worth what they are asking, then they should be snatching up my cars to make that HUGE profit on them!! Enough said, I'm gonna spend my money elsewhere from now on.
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