Friggen Ebay!!!

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Default Friggen Ebay!!!

Getting calls now from Ebay motor reps telling me they are going to get me all the money if I list my car with them. They are now trolling RJ and calling on the ads. Had a guy call today so he started his speech and I hung up. Called back to him and told him my cell dropped the call. He started into it. This time a little farther in and I hung up. Called back and told him dropped call. Let him get into it a little more and hung up. Waited a while and called back. You could hear the tone in his voice. I let him give me his speech all the way thru and then asked why I would waste my money on a guy that didn't even know what the car that he wanted to advertise. He asked why I bothered to call back. I told him if you waste my time, I am going to waste yours. He hung up.
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I get them all the time too .... I love when they tell me they can get more then I have it advertised for lol

Sorry I didnt get to chat with ya Saturday Pink, Dion said you had already left when I seen him.
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I get solicitation calls all day at work, my favorite thing to do is let them introduce themselves and start their speech. I interupt them and ask if they can hold on a minute. Instead of hold I hit the mute button so they cant hear me but I can hear them, then I turn on the speakerphone and just listen. The longest I have ever had a guy sit and wait was about 15 minutes. They start cussing and bitching after a while before they hang up, its pretty funny! :twisted:

As close to "Normal" as I can get...
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Oldie but goodie..
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Awsome, kool :-D
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