motor and tranny in a bind?????

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Default motor and tranny in a bind?????

i have a 78 camaro and i have always had a problem lining up motor on the mounts so how do i measure to see if there is a mount off i am useung factory holes for v8 but now am cracking trans with the new motor i have solid mounts any help or suggestions ???thanks
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Make sure you use a rubber mount for the transmission. You can mount the engine solid using an engine plate and mid mounts.
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Default Ouch!!!

x2, never solid mount's all the way around. is the case cracked in the bellhousing area?
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we have rubber mount on trans now we put on a ultra bell housing webwere breaking them there now right behind the housing this is the 6th trans trying to find whats causing this????
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Could be the front subframe is tweaked, the car may have been in an accident at one time. Might be a good plan to put a motor plate on the front and not use the original motor mounts. I run a motor plate on my 80 Malibu and rubber on the trans. it too was a bitch to put the bolts in the original motor mount holes and the car had never been hit. But i don't doubt that the frame is tweaked a little because it's been a race car most of it's life. It is a backhalfed 4 link car with a PG. and 9"

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Maybe getting a ton of body twist at launch or even normal street driving over undulating terrain ?
You might need solid or poly body mounts, sub frame connectors and/or 6 point cage with forward bars to frame to solidify up your platform.
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Check the drive shaft and see if it is bent seen this many times over the years it will break the trans in a very short amount of time :cry:
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use anglefinder on carb flang, check motor tilt from front to rear, you can also check side to side, just to see if the motor sit evenly on the mounts, measure from frame to tranny tail shaft, (both side), see if evenly spaced between the frame rails, then compare that to the location of the yoke on your centersection, see how much offset (if any) you have between center of the tail shaft, and the center of the yoke on the centersection, i would also check the angle on the drive shaft.
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