beware of david fazande tyler texas

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Default beware of david fazande tyler texas

beware of david fazande.... owner of mayhem unlimited. this shop is in tyler texas. i took my funnycar project to him, as well as my 23 roadster. he told me that he could sell my roadster on his website. i found out later he was carrying it to car shows and to race tracks, and was evidently racing the car. i say this because when i did go get the car, the block was cracked, antifreeze in the oil etc etc. as well as a time wrote on the car with shoe polish!! seems like a very active and exciting website he has!! as faras the funnycar of mine, i gave him 1000.00 up front to start the tin and tree work, well to make a very long story short, it never got done. he kept my funnycar and chassis for over 6 months, and never did anything. everytime i went to his shop, as i live over an hour away, all he had was excuses. i got tired of the lies, so i went over there and picked my stuff up. he had junk stacked around my funnycar body, junk shoved under it etc etc. not good. he told me that he had used part of the money i paid up front for some of the metal bracing for my car. when i picked my stuff up, i asked him for the materials and he said hehad used them on another car........... he said he would owe me for that... hmm im sure i will get it !! my buddy had referred him to me. he had his nova there for work to be done and he got screwed too. he had to go down to this shop and babysit this guy every step of the way. i had some other friends that live down there as well, now they act fuuny........ sooooo if you decide to carry your work to this guy, you will be bent over and screwed.
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That is messed up. Sorry to hear about this.

Have you confronted him about the motor/damage? Did he ever admit or acknowledge he ran the car at all? Assuming he is a licensed, bonded/insured shop, he should be held accountable for his actions. Loosing 1K over work not done is one thing, but damaging your your motor is another... I would be wanting his head. Are you considering legal help?
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Man thats messed up.

Question: Does the shop have insurance?

This is why I ask. I took my boat to have it winterized a couple of years ago. Long story short, they forgot about it.And this is late october now.How you forget about a 28' Chris Craft sitting in front of your place is beyond me.Like you I lived a ways away. They said they would get on it in 2 weeks when they get back from deer hunting(Mid November)I immediatly said mid November might be to late.Well you can guess the rest, they called almost 3rd week of November saying my motors(2) 5.0s) were froze and busted along with manifolds. After some discusion, I ask for his insurance company. He began to back paddle,saying he was,nt sure they were'nt froze when I bought it to them. He insisted I turn it on on my insurance.I wasnt about to do that. But played along to get the name of his insurance. I immediatly called his insurance and pleaded my case. The insusrance co called him and he told the Ins guy the same thing,he wasnt sure that they were'nt already froze and busted. After about ten phone calls to his Insurance, and a threat to sue,they finnally agreed to pay $11,000 for motors/manifolds and installation without the shops approval. Come to find out they had a couple of claims against them for neglagence.Then the icing on the cake they had to pay over $3000 additional clean up restoration fee, because other than cruising it on the water the boat had never been left out side. It was pristene when I took it to them and a mess when I got it back.

Sorry for the long story, but if they do have insurance, yo might get something done that way to.
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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate dealings in Tyler Texas. There is probably a better place in Tyler Texas to go called Texas Chassis Works. It is run by Ken Herring, one of the hosts of the show Pass Time, and sometimes hes on Pinks all out. Good luck with getting some kind of money back from this person. Here is a link to Kens place.
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I would have to persue the cracked block issue with the owner.
I don't even see a classified section on his web site.
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Your buddy recommended him?Before or after he go screwed?
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