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Default Re: sending funds

Originally Posted by edspring1
Personaly I hate Pay Pal. If you ever read their Terms & Conditions it would scare the crap out of you. Either way Buying or Selling. As a seller you better make 100% sure you sent the customers package according to THEIR guidlines. Proper Insurance, Confirmation Signature, ETC. Things that not all buyers want to pay for, you have to make them to be secure in the event something may go wrong, or pay for it yourself. Make NO MISTAKES about it, they are like every other big company only this one is dealing with YOUR money. And then there are their time limits for any type of claim. Just like flea-bay. You have to jump threw all the hoops, do all the forms, and do it all within thewir time limitations.
Postal Money orders are just as bad if not worse {sorry Scorpio}
Once the seller/buyer cashes it, its done. Unless you want to pursue civil action. Last time I ck'd even with the receipt the P O takes 30 days to stop payment from the time you do all the forms. Absolutely no recourse threw the P O what so ever.
I hate Pay Pal, their fees, guidelines, etc., BUT I do use them because the seller prefers it, atleast with them if anything goes wrong you have some sort of chance of getting refunded. As a seller, I make 100% sure I do everything according to their guidelines.
I haven't found a better way of sending or receiving funds yet. Anyone have a better way that both parties are protected ? Heck money orders are found to be forgeries everyday. I had a buddy that deposited what was supposed to be a P O Money order, then started to use those funds 2 wks. later and then 2 weeks after that, his bank took the money out of his acct. causing bounced checks, bank fees, etc. Because it was a forgery.
Like I mentioned I just don't know of a safer way than Pay Pal like them or not. I think the key to all this is, if both parties would just be honest we wouldn't be having this conversation.
As a seller there is one important point-and its this point that makes A USPS MO far safer to you than receiving a Paypal-

If the buyer is unhappy with the item and sent you an MO, THEY need to pursue it through the PO,

If they sent you a PAYPAL, Paypal can unilaterally decide the buyers right, immediately freeze your account and you dont have item or funds.

Read my post- Thats what I am saying.

From a buyer standpoint paypal is better-far better. From a sellers standpoint its safer to take a USPS MO.

Wait until Paypal freezes your account due to a buyer scam and we will see whether you still want to use them.


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Default paypal

I have used paypal in the past and still use them for buying small stuff for the kids because of the convienence.
I have posted this before, but this was my experience
Things may have changed because this was about 5 years ago.
I bought a car part (dominator carb) from a private party, I got it and it was a broke down 600, I alerted the seller and after a couple of tries he emailed me and played the game that he sent me a dominator, when he called he told me good luck.
So I alerted paypal and this dude that sold it to me had the game down pat, he had shipping info signed for etc. But honest I bought a dominator and got a busted ass 600. Paypal did not support me at all. So at the time I had approximately $ 2800.00 in my PP account I tried to get my money out and because I had "pressed" them so hard about my experience and logged a formal complaint, they told me that I could only take out $ 500.00 a month and they would charge me $1.50 to cut the check each month. The BS part about this was I had gotten checks from them in the recent past for 850 and 900 but now all of a sudden they told me my account had a 500 per month limit to remove funds, and they charged me 1.50 to cut the check.
Some small items I will use pay pal, but in general they are nasty
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I have my Wagon up for sale online.

Got a sms from a guy his name showed up on my phone as if he was in my address book, the msg contained his email address asking me to contact him, so I did but in my reply I gave a link to my web site for more info.

The first reply contains a link and instructions on how to get paypal account and a story about how his bank account is not online...yea right as if.
I then went to a few search engines and typed the email address user name and found nothing so no online history.
Well if I was buying a 1984 Wagon for $10 000 I would want to know a bit more about the modifications before depositing the money into a paypal account .

I sent a reply about removing personal file from my PC based ignition system and that I would need a few days, I even rang paypal and confirmed no buyer protection on cars.

In his next reply he said, I was just about to make the payment when i had this little problem with the picking up agent.
To fix the problem I would have to do a western union money transfer for 500 to his agent in Malaysia, and he tells me to go to a post office or online. as if I have that sort of money in the bank.

I sent a reply and haven't had anything back for 6 hours now.
I sent this,
To do a western union transfer I would have to withdraw funds from paypay first that takes a few days.
Whats the name of you pickup agent in Malaysia?

I just discovered this forum today nice name, well its put my mind at ease now after reading these posts thanks.
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Default Required Reading

The Paypal Scam made the list.

This is required reading these days;


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