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Originally Posted by montecarlo84
I also read on the dart forum that a few of the blocks have had main journal alinement issues,so they all have to be checked when you buy one
I will post a new thread on this issue, But it was only on a few blocks and ow Dart line hones all there SHP blocks.

Here is a link on that
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I had a 406 that I bracket raced for years. 5.7 rods, 12-1, roller,ported bow tie heads. Wonderful combination for a 3000# bracket car. Ran 10.40s and lasted for years and years - rings bearings and valve springs was all it ever needed. Then I got into DOT index racing and using nitrous......... 3 blocks in 3 seasons. Cracked cylinder wall was the main culprit and one cracked between the steam holes and the headbolt holes. none of them ever got hot either. Now I look back and think about all the money I spent machining those stock blocks which could have paid for a good block.
I now have a Dart little M. So yes, a stock block is fine to a certain point.
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I'm going with the Dart SHP block for my SBC 427 build (4.125 bore x 4.00" stroke). It's going in my 2320 pound tube-chassis Cavalier and the car should fly with that new engine.

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Originally Posted by TheEngineer
I'm going with the Dart SHP block for my SBC 427 build (4.125 bore x 4.00" stroke). It's going in my 2320 pound tube-chassis Cavalier and the car should fly with that new engine.

Nice car, glad to see some more Okies on here.

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well im a okie too i build alot of motors fopr the dirt and for the street the only thing that ive found thats bad about a stock 400 block is when you start putting alot of compression in it it will splitt the clylinder walls i have a 418 ci 18 degree headed motor for sell on rj compression around 16.1 its built out of a stock block with spayed billet caps dyno time only .. but my other builds are still running and still running strong , i have not split a block in about 3 years the last one split # 5 cly. but it was a blower motor it ran in the low 8 sec. range street car so good luck building your poject oh as for wheeler products they are just as good as any but it still depends on what you buy and what you are trying to build as in how much power you want to make
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Agree with the Jones statement posted by Hink. I am a straight line runner, but my roundy-round guys always start with a 2 bolt 400 block and convert to splayed outer bolts due to the weak webbing.
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