Need as many honest opinions as possible about school

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Default Need as many honest opinions as possible about school

So I'm 18 and I work at a Nissan dealership as a technician, I've learned 100times more than I used to know, just by working there. I'm also going to local college in 2 year program as Automotive Technology major. My first semester was all academic bs classes, and so is the second semester that starts tomorrow. But I absolutly HATE school and want to drop out. I love my job and want to go full time, right now I work 4 days a week since school is 2 days a week. My mom (who I live with) says she doesn't care anymore, I'm 18 and it's my choice, but if I drop I have to start paying "rent". My dad though doesn't know I want to drop, I'm kind of scared to tell him. Also in first semester I did alright, not really good but not bad. This semester I'm afraid I'm going to struggle a lot and might not pass all my classes just because of what they are. When we're paying out of pocket I can't afford that. And when auto classes start this fall classes go to 4 days a week so I could only work couple hours each night and friday and saturdays, which I can't afford. I have a truck payment, insurance, gas and my lunch everyday, which takes most of the money I make now. And we don't even have enough money for the second year of school. It all just seems to me like I don't need this school and it's just going to cost money we don't even have, and I'm not going into debt for school I don't want to go to. I know everyone says any education will help but there are also people that say college isn't for everyone. I figured this would be a good place to ask this since we're all car guys and I'm sure there are people that can relate to what I'm saying here. So what does anyone think?
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Default Stay in school young man

My opinion is, that if I were you, I would be going back to school as long as possible, or until completion of your associates degree minimum. You are only going to be 18 once and these skills, education, college and schooling in general, are what you are going to be using to earn and pay your way thru life. What you do today will be with you your lifetime, and that may be a while.
I will bet your father would likely agree.
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My take is get all the education you can get. I have a perfect example of this. My nephew, went to 2 yrs. jr. college, then 2 yrs. auto tech school, his second yr of tech school, he was hired part time by a local Ford dealer. After graduation from the tech school, he was hired full time by the Ford dealer as a tech, since then they have sent him to every Ford motor co tech class aviable when it comes up. He's now the diesal specialest at the dealer and make over $22.00 an hr. not including bonuses he'll be 25 yrs. old in a couple months.

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Default ?

My Youngest is 19 and in His 1st yr.of College.He would Strugle with changing a set of Brakes,and thats Only because I MADE Him come out in the Shop and GET DIRTY!!!HE HATES GREASE!
He struggled the 1st semester,but things seem a little smoother Now!
He DOES NOT have a Choice,its School or the Highway,............!!!
In Todays World,Get an Education!
Not like when I Grauduated in the mid 70's.Back then,you could get a GREAT Paying Job anywhere!There was Times I quit Big $$ Jobs and had a Better 1 the Next day.Of Course being Born in The Steel Capital of the US had Alot to o with that!
There were over 60,000 employees when I started @US Steel back then,today there Might be 3500?
Its Great to have that Automotive Knowledge,but as far as Bringing in the Beacon,Use your Head Not your Hands!!!!!!!!

G 8)
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Stay in school, sell the truck and get rid of that payment/stress, buy a clunker(YOU know how to work on 'em), learn multiple skills as you will never starve if you know how to do lots of different things.
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GO TO SCHOOL. man i wish i had your problems. education is one thing that no one can take from you.but with it you can go anywhere in life you want. amd when you get older that physical type job can come to bite you in the but.i have a education and wasted it because i was a longhaired outlaw who rather work with my hands, now after a bike wreck a few yrs ago i can no longer work.and its to late to start to use what i studied for.and anyway there may not even be gas engines in a few yrs down the cars may change so much that what you are doing now my be gone.stay in school son. its something that you will never regret. trust some one whos been there. nothing and i mean nothing is more important for you right now.
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As bbchevy said up above, it's not like the old days and you can get a well paying job right out of high school. And even having a degree now isn't going to guarantee you a job in the field you have your degree in. But the bottom line is now, you need to have some sort of education beyond high school.
But I can see you have a mindset to fail before you've began. And if you keep that attitude, you'll sure as hell fail. Also, if you do go to work full time and live with Mom, do you think you shouldn't have to pay rent ? The days of living on easy street are over and this is real life. Deal with it.
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Not many people work in the exact field they went to school for.
It may be what you do when you first get out, but most people changed jobs at least a few times on their way to finding a true career. You may start out as a tech for Nissan, but you may end up being a Service Mgr for John Deere dealership. Or you may end up being a Regional Service Mgr. for Hertz Equipment Rental. You honestly don't know what doors are gonna open for you, but you have to be ready to walk through them when they open.
If you drop out of school now the odds of going back are slim.

Also remember their are 5 other guys that will be looking at the same job as you and all of them finished school.
Which one would you hire?
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A good education will open alot of doors that some will never see.if i had to do it all over I would have followed my dream of being a fighter pilot but after high school women and beer became more important.follow your dream and dont make no mistakes in doing it.Im doing great now but it took until i was 35 before i starting making real money,get an education while your YOUNG!
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Get into the HABIT of finishing what you've started. Throughout your life, that alone will make you more valuable than the next guy/gal. NEVER give up.

NEVER assume you will be GIVEN ANYthing, ALWAYS assume YOU will pay for it willingly.

Quitters and slackers get NOWHERE and can NEVER negotiate effectively for better pay.(Unless you choose to be in a union of some kind.......)

By developing a broad based knowledge bank, you WILL be more valuable than the next guy/gal and therefore CAN negotiate better pay.

No matter WHAT job or position you have at any given time, ALWAYS dress, act, and perform like a PROFESSIONAL. Remember; HABIT.

Good luck and good hunting....
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