first serious engine build

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Well with the combo you desribed, I'd say your quest for the 550 mark is very realistic.

You mentioned stainless rocker arms, I assume your refering to comp cams hi tech pro magnums rocker arms, a good rocker arm no doubt, however, I recommend their latest twist on the pro magnum, which is the ultra pro magnum rocker arms, I also recommend a good rocker arm stud girdle.

On your cam selection, keep in mind that gearing, trans type, converter stall (if auto), intake, carb, tire height, exhaust all play a role in getting the most out of your cam, I'd give comp cams a call.

CC's cam helpline :1-800-999-0853

What are you refering to here?

"I just ordered a rod & custom ifs"

BTW< > I like the torque thrusts, for that old school look.

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cepx111, I'm thinking Independent Front Suspension.

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ya the ifs is a front suspension from rod&custom motorsport, it does away with the shock towers for more engine clerance. I probally should have posted that question some were else. the stainless rockers I was talking about are the comp cams hi tech pro magnum, I don't know if the ultra pro magnums are in the budget right now. cepx111 your right about comp cams wanting all the car information including the torque converter but the converter companies want to know what cam I'm running. right now I have neither so what do I do? I know this is long and drawn out but I'll start the building the motor after the first of the year and it'll be here before you know it. I just wanna get it right the first time. thanks again.
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