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I think it comes down to trust, if i trust a person i'll pay with MO, if i don't feel really good about it i try to pay with Paypal, the Paypal cost goes to the seller not the buyer. BUT i don't see a Paypal option on either set of headers.


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Default how to pay

agree with pay pal cost goes to the seller, cost of selling. just had a seller wanting extra for PP. greed cost him the sale , found it much cheaper. USPS is best for buyer and seller , never send to PO box unless they have a hard wire phone # that can be traced
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Default payment options

I use a wire transfer from bank to bank and CASH IS KING This is guarenteed money. .

In the past i have received doctored checks, checks from other companies that have been run off on printers, 3rd party checks, money orders that have had the amounts changed
There are a lot of bad peole out there, you can't be too careful
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I have used USPS and Paypal. I prefer USPS money order or cash
Paypals additional fee is always an issue. If the buyer wants to use paypal they can pay the fee. I I want to use paypal I will pay the fee...

I have split the fees in the past as well........ What ever floats your boat......
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It's a postal m/o for me.Keeps the transaction in my court, however i prefer to ship UPS. Automatic 100.00 insurance and I guess i just have better luck with them
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Here is a story about Postal MO that happened to ME.

A few years ago my wife wanted to do a "work from home" thing. $1 per envelope she stuffed,, heck if it were true I was gonna quit my job. BUT me being the non trusting type, I told her she MUST use a Postal MO. (Any thing that costs money to make money is BS)

So,, she sends I think it was $60 with a P MO. the scam worked like this, she was supposed to get others to send $2, (forget the exact transaction) then my wife was supposed to send each $2 to the company, then they would send $1 back. At reading this, I asked for our money back, they said "NO, and they were going to sue us if we backed out of the deal" I advised them this looked like a pyramid scam, and we were NOT going to participate. They again threatened to sue, I advised them I was going to turn this over to my lawyer, and advised them we had sent a P MO and I was going to also get the postal service involved if they didn't refund the money. They again threatened to sue. They called my bluff,, and I didn't get MY lawyer involved,, but did turn it over to the Postal service. It took 8 or 9 months,, but we got our money back,,, and was informed the postal service had arrested and had thrown two brothers in the clink for Postal Fraud.

If ANYTHING doesn't seem right, use a Postal MO, if things go wrong, the post office WILL go after them. By cashing a postal MO, they are opening themselves to postal fraud, if it is a scam.

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Default paypal or money order

I always sell using money order.I have never had any troubles using them and being the post office nobody wants to forge them.I have had people ask if they could use paypal and I do have a account but it cost me 3% to accept their money.I tell them if you want to use paypal then you will have to add 3%.In my opinion paypal is a gigantic scam.My friend used them for a purchase on ebay and lost 1500.00.He tried getting paypal to help and as long as its easy for them they will send emails to the other person but if it takes some effort they bail out.I dont know how paypal is now because thats been 5 or so years ago.I personally never use them myself and only take it if someone is willing to pay them..
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Joes69 wrote : I always sell using money order.I have never had any
troubles using them and being the post office "nobody" wants to forge them.

I ask my post master how safe Postal M/O's are, and he said that there
are cons out there that make fake Postal M/O's, so it does happen,
but he also said it is NOT done on a major scale, and the Postal M/O
is still one of the most safe methods of payment for buyers and sellers.

Postal M/O's can be held up to a light and you will see a vertical
line in the left side of the real mcCoy.
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Default Nothing is perfect! Not PayPal and not the US Postal Service

If your a buyer and you pay with a money order and don't get your parts, the US Postal Service will do absolutley NOTHING. As a matter of fact, you have to pay them $5.50 just to track it down to see if it was ever cashed and who signed the back. Oh, and that takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to track that down. If your a seller, you better not use PayPal. I refuse to use PayPal due to this fact, when you sign up with them you probably are not aware that you just gave them permission to go into your BANK ACCOUNT anytime they see fit. And yes, they can seize any amount they see fit to cover the loss. Another words if you sell an engine for $4,500.00 and the buyer tells PayPal he doesn't like the motor and want's his money back, even two months later, PayPal will seize the money from your Bank Account if you don't voluntarily give the money back. Oh yes, it's defiantly true. Take just a moment and go to and see for yourself. It's done quite frequently. And once they seize it, you can't get it back. And by the way, they'll take what the buyer paid to have it shipped as well. The only real way to protect yourself completely is to go pay cash and pick it up yourself. That sucks!
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Set up a separate bank account for Paypal, that way, if nothing is in it, nothing can be seized, the scammers do this all the time...
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