New scam approach?

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Default New scam approach?

I've bought and sold on RJ, Craigslist, and several other sites, and thought I had seen every scam out there. There apparently, is a new approach, that puzzles me. I get a text wanting to know my final price, and it wreaks of a scammer. When I respond, they ask if I will accept a certified check, and they will wait until it clears before they pick the item up. Of course, they want my address to send the check. I know it's a scam, but not sure what there objective is. Maybe to get my address?. They could find that through other means, so I don't think that is it. I played along with one, just to see the outcome, but never received the check or any further communication. Is anyone, here familiar with this approach?
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Same thing happened to me, I posted ad, that evening same thing. The driver would pick up truck after cashiers check cleared???
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I stopped putting my phone number in any ads. When I did I received texts non stop and at all hours. All scammers. I`ve been told that if you open a text there could be a virus attached to it. I use the cheap flip phones and had one of them hacked and ruined. At least that`s what my carrier said. If someone is serious about your item for sale they will send their number. If they are a buyer they will answer when you call. If they don`t answer don`t waste your time by calling again.
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Spidey senses were tingling when I got the message on eBay... Still have our PM-1 for sale and I got the "What's your lowest price?" question in messenger. I took 10% off and the next message was "Great. I'll arrange for pick up and shipping". No additional haggle, no ask for anything extra. Not normal. Next message was "I am going to mail a check to you for the payment as Iíve been scammed via PayPal so many times so I donít trust the platform anymore." I specify the payment options clearly in the post, and checks aren't one. He didn't like PP, so a wire was the only option, and I told him that (at this point he has given a name, but in Last, First Middle format... odd). I say Wire the money and I'll be on the way to UPS once I see the hit. Not a peep for 5 hours. Next message really triggered the alert: "It takes 24 to 48 hours to clear I will be needing your full names and legitimate mailing address to have the check mailed to you." So I start doing some checking on-line about scams. Seems that some people are cloning your ad on eBay and other on-line markets, then they act like they want to buy the actual item from YOU, including possibly sending a (fraudulent) check; meanwhile, they put YOUR item up for sale elsewhere with your identity as the seller, work out payment to their account and when the item doesn't appear, the only info out there is YOURS, complete with the exact same item you were trying to sell and name, address, PP acct. info and anything else they may need to throw the scent off of them and onto you for a while. The guy he said he was is in the area code, but his social media showed NO KIND of drag racing or junior racing history. Smells like Friday's fish on Monday... Be aware of who your buyers AND sellers are... Ask for a current photo of the item that is not one in the ad, maybe even with a selfie. The bad guys are getting creative and it sucks for us good guys.
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Yes I did last night... They wanted to send a check certified of course. They wanted me to take the extra he was going to send and send it to the shipper of course he wanted my name and address... Well he wasn't happy when I gave him a P.O. Box to send the money too... AT this point I think he knew that was on to him... especially when I told him I thought I smelled a rat... Haven't heard from him since...
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Default new scam

Received a text the day I listed my car for sale. Seemed to good to be true, but asked a friend who has sold on RacingJunk and he had a full price offer as well and it was legit.
I played along because I really need some money, and gave my address. The check arrived on Friday, so I immediately went to the bank to verify. Check was counterfeit, but on a good account.
Here is your kicker.....if I would have deposited a counterfeit check...I would have my account shut down and not be able to open a new account in my name at ANY Bank. Money Laundering,and Fraud.
the number that contacted me was (857) 309-0257.
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Default Scammers

Get these ALL the time , send me a cashiers or bank check, when it clears my mover will pick the stuff up........ all these are from phones with 410, 405 area codes, I usually google the area code if Iím not sure, usually ones that come up US based Iíll answer back. Also they all say they cannot view the item because their job restrictions, uh....maybe because they are in like India!!
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I should have consulted this forum first. Wanted to sell my stuff badly and didn"t listen to my radar going off. Sent a cashier check (forgery) and they asked me to wire money to his shipper. Should have known better. His phone numbers were (917) 737-5877 & (832) 402-1884.

If it sounds too good to be true. It is.
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