no price on your ads means you are craigslist personals guy!

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Lively is bang on.. make an offer and have some guy get upset.. I happened on the weekend for me... I have been looking for a car for my daughter... I tried to buy an older convertible Rabbit for her, she thought it looked like a "Girls Car". (it is) Her idea of a 1st vehicle is a lowered dually.

Years ago my dad bought a Merkur XR4TI, and I showed her what they looked like. They are pretty good cars, were worth 30K when new and she liked them.

So, I happen to see one on "Craigs List" in good shape they are worth 2500-3500... This one is an auto, but they guy had it a part because it pushed the head gasket out and had not fixxed it (the motors are 4cyl. pinto motors basically) Make me an offer the ad said

I go and look at it, clean body + interior, I offer him 1200 for the car cash in hand.

I thought the guy was going to have a stroke. He went off on me about the value of the car blah blah blah. My comment was, then put it back together, I'll drive it and then maybe we can come to a deal. Because I am taking a chance that the motor is not messed up.

I left his wife my #, and walked away laughing.
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well your most likely right but i have mine on just for trade i didnt put a price. im just looking to try and trade my drag car for some thing i can drive on the street. everybody is broke i have put a couple things on in the past with a price and all i ever got were trade offers.
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Cash in Hand Huh????? LOL Your killing me...........LMAO

You are probably the only person to make that guy an offer. You happened to catch him in between a rock and a hard space........ I am sure his brain was just a sizziling.........
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