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Default Re: Newbie

Originally Posted by soulshaker1962
Hi, My names Dave from Spokane Wa.
Bracket raced in the 80'/90's then took time off to raise my daughter as a single dad for a time. Daughters out on her own now so i've dusted the old chevy II off and completely rebuilding and hope to be racing again this summer.
Welcome Dave,
This site has a lot of knowledgable people here that does not mind helping. Glad you are back in the racing scene.
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Welcome Dave, your gonna like it here.

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Sorry kats, dont have a MyFace or Spacebook. Been on RacingJunk since 2008, So about myself, how does anyone try and describe themselves online without sounding too self-righteous or egotistical? I'll try and be as humble and honest as I can...... I said I would try, may not happen but hey

Hi, my name is John and I cant stop buying cars, im one of those guys that have ran out of space and the City threatens. (i have to think about how many i have, i forget sometimes) I have cars at all my friends homes (thanks guys! lol)
My whole family has been into cars, racing etc.
I got into Motorcycle Roadracing, I still have a bunch of wrecked bikes and a stack of used slicks, I did get lots of scars from the roadracing bikes and I show them off alot to get sympathy points from the ladies...sigh....
So it was back to building cars and drag Racing, Made alot of awesome friends in this car world and without them i would be screwed.

I'm really not into the dress up in Dickies and pose up wit tatts and stuff ..but......I do happen to have some weird posed pictures that I will send ya! (no nudes, sorry)
Look at my GALLERY, its got all my cars and trucks in it.
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New here,

My nam is Sam, I am active duty military and have performance parts business HTPMotorsports. I will be posting ads as I get deals I would like to pass along and participate when I have something useful to add here on the forums. I drive a 97 Twin Turbo Mustang that sees weekend track days when it is acting decent and not breaking ringlands. Best pre-turbo was 8.98 at 94MPH with udps, catted x, 3.73s and Nittos drs out back, it was a 1.9x 60'. I have a slip with a 3.21 when something blew across my beam that I carry for the occasional argument
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Hi all,
I'm Peter from Switzerland - the V8 car desert! It's not that easy to get the right parts and our law is a pain in the ... But we're driving muscle cars and hot rods.
Last year I had the chance to go to Bonneville and even take some passes there! Will be going this august again as a small part of the "Rolling Bones High Speed Division" team.
Racingjunk is a great place to hang out and I am sure that I will get some useful informations here...
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Welcome to Racing Junk! Feel free to jump right in cuz the water is fine. :P
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Hi Peter. Welcome to RJ.
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ARG..... Welcome aboard , Matey !!
We'll probably see ya on the Salt as we'll be there to ! Look for 'the YELLA BRICK'.

What will you be running ? Got pics/ info ?
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Default Thanks to Racing Junk and it valued customers

On behalf of JPS Logistics I would like to thank those of you who have used our shipping service.

Don Nutter
Vice President of Sales
JPS Logistical Soluitons
[email protected][/b]
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Default big block headers for monza

Hi my name is Cam new here jut found the site while searching for headers the ad i found is expired 7 days ago and i was just wonderig how to reach the seller slammedregal (#418504) i take it the numbers are the ad number help would be appreciated thanks in advance
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