1055 rons terminator problems HELP please

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when i put the carb on it , it was still 1500 degrees and it was much easier to start on the carb.
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If the carb and the injection both show high maximum EGT then:

Both are lean at WOT.

Your EGT has a problem.

Your timing is not correct.

Your pump is bad if using same one for both carb and injection.

Or a combination.

What is your idle EGT on the carb and injection? 450 ? If it is way high at idle, your EGT could be wrong.

Does it have any of the same other problems with the carb?
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yes this is what i am trying to figure out why is my egt high . the egt box and probe are both brand new i even put it on a dragster to double check and the egt is good on the dragster . i have two different pumps they both came back from rons. i am thinking the post about the spark plugs could be a possibility .. the flame is coming out and catching the probe and giving it a false ready i will have to get different plugs and try on friday
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Your plugs are not the right ones. Autolite 3910-3911 is a good choice, index them and be done.
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I agree with David 100%, i run both NGK's and Autolites, although a different # on the Autolites, you do have to index them because of the longer electrode. I have to index the Autolites with a 14 to 1 piston in my 377" motor.The Autolites are in the same heat range as the NGK #8's

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alky is a no brainer larger pill leaner car smaller pill richer car your pump is right don't change it also i would use the 3910 autolite set the gap a little tight around 32 thou to 36 also set your timing by ear take up till it pings then back up till it's crisp then on alky take a reading at that point and take an extra 2/4 degrees out, your jets might be lean try a 34 or a 36 i have had to 383 strokers both built the same 14.1 one liked 34 jet the other liked 36 also make sure to check your WOT to make sure your not over turing the spool valve also food for thought check you nozzel placement in your intake some guys use the NOS buttons insted of making the nozzel 90 degrees to the intake runner good luck joe g 8)
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