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Thread: Holding tanks on LQ trailers

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    Unhappy Holding tanks on LQ trailers

    I am interested in a Living Quarter Trailer. I really cannot find out that much about them except they would appear to be exactly what I am looking for. I want to be able to tour the US with a car inside the trailer and also have sleeping accomodations. So this appears to be right up my alley.

    However, one thing I am unsure of, and feel rather foolish asking but why does not anyone post the size of the holding tanks for grey and black water when they post their ads?

    It would seem to me you could have the nicest trailer on the planet but if the holding tank is 5 gallons then it really does not matter.

    The second thing I am unsure of is, how is the tank drained? Can you hook up at a trailer park and dump the sewage and grey water?

    I admit being a HUGE novice when it comes to LQ/CARgo trailers and I am sure some of the money paid for these things indicate that people are not poor and would not tolerate 5 gallon grey water tanks. So the question is, do all of them have the same size tanks and I am the only person that does not know that

    If the tank is not big enough for either gray or black water, can you swap them out for bigger ones?
    Wife wants a washer dryer, so I would buy a 48-53 footer and put another aluminum wall between us and the car so she could have a laundry room.
    I am not a racer, but love watching, just retired so will be doing the open road, following the car racing ccts next year, so want to buy "right" this fall/winter. I have a freightliner sportchassis so weight not a big issue.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Pick a manufacturer, go on line, check the specs, all the pertinent info
    will be there. Good luck.

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    Yes, they dump just like a travel trailer at any waste dump. Usually 30 - 45 gallons black and 30-45 gallon gray which is plenty. One very important thing you did not mention is the fresh water tank. A lot of LQ's trailers only have 30 gallons of water. That is nowhere near enough even for a few days. Try to get 90 gallons if you can. A lot of trailers are 60 gallon, but some are 90. I can tell you there is a big difference in a 48 and a 53'er. It is nest to impossible to get in and out of a lot of places with a 53' trailer. The rear is so far behind the axles it drags on the slightest incline. Places as simple as trucks stops can be a pain and don't even attempt most small gas stations. If you have a crew cab, long bed truck a 53'er is to long in a lot of states. It'll be over the 65' max length. I know my dually is with a 53'er.
    Make sure to get one with a 20 to 25 gallon built fuel tank for the generator. A smaller tank is a pain to have to refill and keep extra gas cans for. Make sure to get at least 7,000lb axles and 16" tires.
    Do yourself a favor and get the right one the first time! You will thank me later!!!!

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