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Thread: what can be done when someone sells you shit parts on here?

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    what can be done when someone sells you shit parts on here?

    bought some parts on here for the tune of 2,300.00 guy sold me mismatch shit that doesn't even go together. complete useless. wont return calls said he would take the parts back now wont and wont reply

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    nobody looks over this site? is this why people get screwed on here so much. I am so sick of people selling absolute Shit parts and not telling people up front.

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    This is just a small reason why I never buy anything on here. Too many liars and scammers and the people that run the site don't seem to TRULY care about the honest people that are getting screwed. If I buy anything it's on Ebay and I use PayPal so there is buyer protection.

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    I treat it just like any other purchase. I do the homework and feel out the seller and try to find someone that knows him or go on the forum and ask in the scammers section. You can tell when someone doesn't know what they are selling or is not really a racer. If I don't have a good feeling about the person after talking to them over the phone, I pass. I ask, what if this is bad, what are you going to do about it. I get a full name, address, phone numbers, emails. I check out the address to see it makes sense. I look at how long the seller has been a member, how many sales, his other ads, his personal info under member profile. Then you still are taking a chance anytime you buy online, so that's just part of doing this. You can use Paypal on Racing Junk, just like on Ebay. The seller just has to set up an account.

    Racing Junk is not responsible for what you decide to do.

    I have bought and sold over 100 items on this site, and have had a couple deals that were not quite right, but I just dealt with it and moved on.

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    People love to blame RJ for their lack of common sense...

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    But I guess I did not really address what the question was about. What DO you do after it goes wrong?

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    its just a fact that there is no way to get anything after the sale. There is know way to get a refund the scum bags they don't tell you its defective ,or sell it with missing parts or ship a box of pistons wrapped in tissue paper. wtf for real . Then its your problem .I just have been burnt like 5 times on here. with different things . when you talk to them on the phone and they say every thing is there you expect it to be.or show you pictures of a part and what you get is something completely different are you kidding me.its to bad some people are good on here some are just selling JUNK

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