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Thread: Possible scam need your help/opinion

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    Possible scam need your help/opinion

    I currently have a drag car for sale on this site. I worked out a deal for the car with a guy, dont know his username on this site but his email is [email protected]. Once we worked the deal he informs me that he lives in Lithuania, which is a neighbor to Russia. He said that he will call his cargo company and have them contact me, and he informs me that this cargo company will wire me the money, then arrange pick up of the car. The 2 guys who spoke with me from the cargo company are apparently Russian by accent and names. I told this guy to have the cargo company just bring me cash, he responds just agree to the cargo comapny directions and I cant do cash. He is persistant, and said he bought a car in march 2014 the same way, gave me the other sellers name and email, called and emailed this seller but never got a response. THis sounds real fishy and was wondering if any others on this site have run into a similar situation and do you think this is a scam as I am starting to think ?? thanks for the help >>>> JP

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    Scam. Run, walk, or crawl away.

    No one buys a car without someone inspecting it first.

    Do not deal with anyone out of USA.

    Gmail users are often scammers.

    Cargo company is tip off to scam.

    Cargo companies don't wire money.

    He used the OTHER buyer's email to get your email.

    Next he will want you to deposit a wired amount over your asking price and forward the difference to the cargo company and you will be out that amount later.

    Take your pick of which one you want, any say "no deal".

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    Do not send them any money to cover anything! If there isn't money in your bank account before or when the shipper shows up, Then call the police when they get there because they are going to steal your car. No money no deal it is that simple with me.

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    looks like a scammm. Smells like a Scam. and feels like a Scamm, then YUP. its a scamm, will wire ya the cash, yep, they want them routing numbers, Or, they will fake wire it, and the guys will shop up about 10 min later and pick up the car , and poof .. car gone and no money,
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    My bank says they cant do anything with the routing number but deposite into the account but never give social security number or pass words! They DONT need that info for anything!

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    Had no issues selling to Australia or shipping the last car to Hawaii. The Australian deal was done thru a broker on the buyer end. That was a black Nova I sold for my buddy Ray Wilkins. The buyer transferred the money to the broker who then did the wire transfer to the sellers bank. The shipping company showed up a few weeks later and took the car. A bank wire transfer is the same as cash and probably the safest way to do a transaction. You will have the cash in hand before the car is released to the shipper. Selling over seas is not always a scam, it is just a little more of cautious approach. You can work with your bank to set up an account to have the transfer sent to. They cannot access your personal account info by just giving them the info your bank instructs you to give them.
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    You are right selling overseas is not always a scam, it can work both ways. I am in Australia , lets say I send funds to someone in the USA who in turn sends me nothing what can I do then ??

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    I have sold several cars out of the country with no one ever comming to inspect it. They wire the cash direct to my account and once it's there there is nothing that can happen, it's yours and cannot be reversed- A wire is much safer than a check. can't fake a wire transfer. If they refuse a wire i'd be very leery and of course the old check for more money is always a scam.

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    I have a gmail address and am not a scammer. I know a lot of people and friends
    that have a gmail address that are not scammers. How can you say most often gmailers are scammers? not true BigBlockMark

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