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    Question Nitris rods

    I want to start shooting nitros next year could anyone recomend a set of rods for a bbc dart block low deck, ones unlike oliver billit rods that i cant afford? Will just a good h or i beam rod handle 250 to 500 shots? Ps. I cant remember how to spell nitris, nitrus??????

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    I think them new plastic rods made by j&e might be the way to go

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    Asking a question like this might get a better response if you said what your budget is. Also there is a huge difference between shooting 250 and 500 hp of NITROUS. Callies Compstar line is a very nice rod. It's nowhere near the price of billet Olivers and not near the hp handling capabilities. Another thing to consider is whether you are shooting the nitrous on top of a 600hp motor or a 1200hp motor? Are you running through at 7200 or 9200? A great many variables to think about to get a really good answer. Just my two cents.


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    thats the kind of info i was hoping for , i just cant afford 3000 dollars for rods, im shooting on a 900 hp motor running thru at 7500 rpm 456 gears. 3400 lb car. 60 fts have been a little week 1.40 running 145 mph.
    thanks for the two cents seemed more like three

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    A good set of GRP rods is a little over $1,000. If your budget cant handle that you have no business running more than 125hp of nitrous. You can bet the farm that long before you get close to a 500 shot you will have hurt a set or two of pistons, rockers arms, push rods or some other motor repair. And that doesnt include axle, gear or transmission breakage along the way.
    Most people that claim they are running a 400 or 500 shot are full of BS.
    400+ of nitrous is a lot. I run excess of 800hp of nitrous on top of 1,000+ hp motor. How many sets of burnt pistons do you want to buy! Lol.

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    Wow thanks for more good news i figure to spend about 1200 at most and only just bought the pro fogger will start at minimum shot but worried ill get too brave. I hurt my 555 oc motor so am looking to buy another short block. Just thinking 6000 the most i can afford. Sounds like careful is the word. All by friends are turbo freaks just doesnt seem old school enough. But my common sense says much easier on the motor. Thanks for the help

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