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Thread: Haulmark Trailers trying to steal my rights while holding my trailer hostage.

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    Haulmark Trailers trying to steal my rights while holding my trailer hostage.

    I purchased a new trailer from Haulmark Trailers and Best Price Trailers. The original trailer was built so poorly by Haulmark they had to rebuild it. Because the time frame went from five weeks to six months I start to post my opinion on the internet. Now the factory won't deliver the trailer which is paid in full until I remove my negative comments. I will never give up my Freedom Of Speech for money.

    Robin Hanger's Car Shop is crooked and commits fraud. Has not delivered my trailer after four months but sure has my $16,000.00. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CROOKED DEALERSHIP. Our trailer purchase experience has been a nightmare! We ordered a Haulmark ProEdge 28í car hauler with a finished inside that cost me $16,000. After several weeks we got the call that we could pick it up at the factory and our nightmare began. After the trailer went though three sets on inspectors we quickly noticed all the walls were bowing. The inside cabinets were made of such poor quality and were bowed to the point the doors wouldnít shut correctly. The trailer needed to be completely ripped apart to fix these problems. Having a full time business that relies on having a trailer, we could not afford to be without the trailer any more than the promise delivery date. We were able to use the defective trailer while the replacement was being built; we paid in full on good faith. Because we could not afford to lose another day of work picking up a trailer, we were told the trailer would be delivered. During the next three months the factory and dealership played games to delay the process even more. Our only job was to sign the new prints so production could be started. The same day the prints were sent to us by email I signed them and faxed them right back. We went though two weeks of them claiming they never received the fax, I showed proof the fax went sent and received. Only after another week did they agree the fax was received and was placed in the wrong file. After several other problems of communication like no one answering the phone and no way to leave messages, sending emails that were not responded to and no follow up. It was a very long process, but we finally got notice the new trailer was complete. After a few more days of many emails and phone calls in attempt to reach someone to send pictures of the trailer to show proof that the trailer is complete and completed correct, we made contact. The trailer appeared to be correct and I okayed the trailer to be delivered. Thatís when I was told they were not going to deliver; I needed to pick it up. I reminded them of their agreement and told them I was not able to pick up the trailer.
    From that point on communication has been nearly impossible! On the rare occasion somebody takes my call, I am told to speak to their Attorney, yet they are not able to give me that Attorneyís name. When I have told them I will take them to court to get my trailer, they canít give me the companyís legal name to file suit. There are too many secrets within that are raising numerous red flags!! I am at a standstill with the factory and dealership. My trailer is complete, but I donít know where it is or if the photos are really my trailer. I donít know if they sold it to another person, if it was damaged or if it is really just sitting somewhere. Something is very wrong and now I am left with no choice but to seek agencies to report the factory and dealership for fraud and theft of money.
    I have been defrauded out of my money and have not received what I have paid for in full. As days go by I am losing hundreds to thousands of dollars every day by not having the correct trailer to run my business.

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