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Thread: M/T drag slicks

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    Smile M/T drag slicks

    Have a 78 Malibu,2850lbs with me.406 sbc,650 hp.trans brake,runs 6:50s in 1/8,112mph.Have M/T 32/14/15 rears,runs 11 1/2 psi in 65 to 76 degs,car runs great,went out in 96 temp,can't get car to stick.M/T rep said go up on air pressure in hot track temps,@11 to 12 lbs can't drive it,spins everywhere.This is my first year with car and can't much info at track.some say to lower pressure 1/2 at a time or start out at 8psi and work up.Any suggestions?

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    I have a 1980 Malibu BBC 496 with 16 X 32 MT slicks with 15" wide rims. It won't hook until I get down to 10 PSI. (My tire guy told me to start at 12 and go up.) Temp does not affect my set up that much. My guy also said do a small burn out. It takes at least a medium burn out with smoke for 5 seconds to be consistent.

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    Thank you for your reply.Will be going to track Friday night for test and tune,will give it a try.Will start at 10psi and work around 1/2 pound up and down.Again,thank you for your info.Go MALIBUs!

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    The lighter the car the less air pressure you will need. My car weighs 2400 with driver and I run 6 lbs. in my 16 X 32 M/Ts. If you start with 10 drop 1/2 lb. at a time until the 60 starts to fall off. Typically the smaller tires need a lot more air so I wonder if the M/T rep you talked to was aware of the size tire you have. Here's a link to M/Ts tech bulletin on drag tire air pressure.

    You will want to do a hard burnout on a new set of slicks but after that a light burnout is all you need. I bring mine out of the water just after they start to smoke. The M/T rep that I spoke to when I made the switch to them told me you want the tire temp close to track temp, within 10 degrees. If you do the real hard burnouts you boil the oil out of the slick and ruin it.

    From M/Ts website
    The length of your burnout will be dictated primarily by the ambient and track conditions. The hotter the temperatures, the shorter the burnout. When the temps get cool, a longer burnout will be necessary. Ideally you want the tire temp to be within 15 degrees of the track temperature on the launch. When the track temps exceed 120 degrees, it is always best to keep your tire temps on the lower side. Here are some additional tips for maximizing the performance of your M/T racing tires.

    1. First pass of the day will be your longest. After that follow the guidelines of #2 and #3 stated below.
    2. Automatic transmissions and Bias tires with Softer compounds: First pass or two, fairly hard burnout relative to ambient conditions. After that a light burnout should be sufficient.
    3. Standard transmission and Radial tires: Typically shorter burnouts are better. A light burnout, enough to haze the tires, then stage immediately.
    4. No dry hops. This does nothing to improve traction, and in some cases can have a negative effect.

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