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Thread: beware of SIRSWAPSALOT

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    Thumbs up beware of SIRSWAPSALOT

    Beware of SIRSWAPSALOT insists on a bank wire for access to your bank account. And posts lies on here. I will only buy with a cert. bank check it is well known to never wire money to strangers. I sure dont remember saying anything with this guy's 55 that it was a "done deal" what a clown.

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    if you and everyone read the post, never said anything bad at all, just asked if anyone has delt with you, thats what the forum is for, good and bad feed back ???? never once said anything post what i wrote so everyone could see.

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    ok guys here what i wrote,

    anyone delt with Michaelcs ?

    he wants to buy my 55 chevy, sent him about 20 pics, said it was a done deal wanted to give me a bank check, as soon as i said bank wire only have not heard back from him,
    his profile says he has been on here 8 years but only has 4 friends ?

    just curious

    not once said anything bad.........just checking, thats how us guys stick together and look out for each the way wont do any good to bad mouth me i have sold bought and traded with 100`s of guys on here some more then once, NEVER had bad feed the way this post your bitching about is soooo old...??? sorry if this wasted anyone else time

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    and you are posting diff adds out od diff states......anyone would ask about wont wire money but want to write a check, and have diff profiles.............DUDE, GET A FUCKING LIFE.....WE DONT MESS WITH GUYS LIKE YOU ON HERE

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    what a dumb ass.

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    I have talked to sirswapalot a couple of times in the past, seems like a good guy to me
    I also would not accept a bank check from anybody, cash or wire transfer only
    Its also BS about someone stealing you bank account info when they want a wire transfer, ask any banker...

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    I do wire transfers all the time. Theay are the safest way to do business and you do not have to give your bank acct number. I won't take a check either,certified or personal.

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