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Thread: Engine Shopping for Our Suburban!

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    Engine Shopping for Our Suburban!

    Our trusty family rig/hauler is creeping up on 245K miles, and the iconic Vortec rod noise (knock) has gotten pretty bad, really bad when it's cold. Oil consumption is on the rise as well. Basically, it has more engine issues than I want to fix, so we are looking at a new motor.
    I wanted something like the HT383 without the cost.
    So far, I have narrowed it down between Promar Performance Engines, and Tuff Dawg. I have heard good and bad about both, does anyone have any experience with them?
    Here are links to the two engines I have looked into:
    -Promar requires the core back, but there is no cost to ship it back to them. They are using the GM HT383 cam
    Chev 383/335hp L31 - Tuff Dawg Engines
    -Tuff does not require a core back, but I have reservations about the HP/TQ and cam used. They say it's rated at 335hp/415tq, and it uses 9.0:1 compression and the comp 08-500-8 cam. I feel that with that cam, streetability may be sacrificed?

    I'm concerned about that cam and the need for tuning. Both places have assured me that I won't need a tune, but I'm not sure. I will get a tune, but initially (6 mos. or so), it NEEDS to be able to run on the stock tuning.

    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Dunno, but if it was my truck, I'd put a TRUCK MOTOR in it.

    Race motors belong in race cars . . small blocks don't do the job like a BBC will.

    Just my experience talkin'

    Of course, we use a TRUCK MOTOR in our race car too!

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    Just my .02, I would have a local shop build an engine with hyd roller cam with strong torque at the lower rpm range. When they finish, have the engine dyno tested and tuned before you install it in your truck. Problems, if any, can be corrected a lot easier there then dealing with an out of area builder. Good luck with your project.

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