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Thread: dumb question about for sale cars

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    dumb question about for sale cars

    I'm new on the forum but have been on the for sale side for years.
    Retired and decided to get another bracket car to have some fun with. I am running into some sellers who have quite an attitude.OK ,I know there are jerks out there but it comes with the territory.
    If as a seller , you think I will drive 1000 miles with a pocket full of $100 bills because of ONE picture and a three line description you are nuts.If I go to the trouble to email asking specific questions I am interested in your car. Statements like "you can't build this car for what I am asking"or" Its first class everything" doesn't give me any info on the car.
    Taking three pics at midnight in a thunderstorm with your cell phone does not help sell your car.Come on ,you have to know someone who has a decent digital camera. Pics of the car in a dark building with your wifes Xmas decorations piled on it isn't going to make it seem that attractive either.
    "I don't really have to sell just checking to see whats out there" Really ???
    " Phone only I do not answer emails or texts." Then I call and get your voice mail, of course you never return the call. Obviously me and my money are not important to you .
    "No picture collectors" I am a computer Idiot but I can put 50 pics on Image shack or photo bucket in just a few minutes .Anyone who wants can access them without bothering you.Easy Peasy.
    In the last three weeks I have replied to three for sale adds,none of the three has returned any pics, two promised to do it same day,one said they didn't have any more pics,all three failed to answer questions . These were items that should have been in the add( weight, certify ,titled, ect)

    Now, its your car you can do anything you want with it . If you want to SELL it write an add with all the info in it, add a link to pictures or pics in the add, and if someone asks questions they are not doing it because there bored. It only takes one person to buy your car, and who knows which one it will be.
    I didn't post this to start a spitting contest,just thought instead of wondering why your car isn't selling ,maybe you would want to change the approach.

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    All very legit advice .... I won't even initiate contact if all they have in the primary ad is a zero quality pic.
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    I look at the car ads all the time. I have bought and sold cars on this site with no issues. I see lots of quality cars on this site today that have all your listed requirements as far a pictures and info.

    I look for cars in my driving radius, price range, body style, with well written ads and lots of pictures. Then I call, and if the guy is friendly I go from there.

    I never buy a car with an engine. If the car or the engine lets you down, you have too much money in what's left and you will never feel good about it. Engines can be misrepresented as far as internal parts or number of runs.

    The last car, I bought from Maryland and I live in Illinois. Spent 2 weeks and had lots of pictures sent to me. Sent $500 deposit and met the guy 1/2 way. The car turned out better than the pics and got a good trans and converter thrown in on the deal. I am still racing that car with that trans and converter for around $10000 cost. The guy has even called me back and offered to buy the car back.

    I never buy a car that is not current certified. Just ads to the resale value.

    I always buy a rolling chassis with everything I want already done. If you start changing things after you buy it, you should have bought a better car.

    I also believe you can not build a car for what you can buy a good used car for. And if you want to race, why wait to race having a car built.

    Don't buy a car because it is cheap. buy the one you really want. Don't buy cars that don't have resale value. Vegas, Monzas, S-10's, hard tail dragsters were great cars in their day, but no one is going to buy one from you by the time you want to sell it. Don't think you are never going to sell your car.

    Too much snow, roads not plowed out yet, too cold, and bored today, so don't take offense if you opinion differs from mine.

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    All are good posts. The OP's comments are well thought out and valid. The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of dumb people out there that have access to a computer and think they are doing you a favor by selling you something they have. :lol:

    Joe, go slow and be persistent in your endeavor. There are good sellers out there you just have to wade through the societal muck sometimes.


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    for sale cars

    Great post and I also noticed most cars are all now high end.

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    This the best advice ive seen...inna long time of buying...I never buy a car anymore either w/engine, got stung a few times.My chevelle i traded a tool box (snap on harley) job. Engine was junk and guy indicated that.But i got a nice clean body, and took it from thier...

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    Well you guys surprise me. I thought I would catch a bunch of flak with that post. I also have purchased and sold many cars,one thing I always ask myself is, will I be able to sell it someday.
    The one that blows me away is the pic of a nice car but then the add states,"this is not the car, this is how it will look when your done" WHAT!
    Several years ago I purchased a drag car and one of the things that impressed me about it was the owner and how he described it. He even made it clear he would gladly give me his cell number so I could call him anytime at the track for advice on setup.
    Two years ago I sold a street rod on evil-bay.I met the guy at the airport we looked the car over,I took him to a local place and bought him a Steak.I then offered him ALL of his money back and a ride to the airport if he was worried about the car. He was happy,I put him up for the night and sent him off in the morning with a map and a cup of coffee.

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    evidently he has'nt inquired about my car thats for sale.
    Lots of quality pics, full description, answered emails within 2 hrs, 2 phone #'s and i answer my phone.----I'm serious about selling. Some of these sellers put their car on here with an extremly high price and don't care if it sells or not. If you think its bad on here, then give Craigslist a whirl (way worse) my ad is # 182126265

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    Quote Originally Posted by topwater1956
    evidently he has'nt inquired about my car thats for sale.
    Lots of quality pics, full description, answered emails within 2 hrs, 2 phone #'s and i answer my phone.----I'm serious about selling. Some of these sellers put their car on here with an extremly high price and don't care if it sells or not. If you think its bad on here, then give Craigslist a whirl (way worse) my ad is # 182126265
    THIS IS NOT THE CLASSIFIEDS!!!!! This does not belong here, I would guess you stopped in the newbie thread already, so welcome to the forum.

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    I know its not the CLASSIFIEDS. I was just making a point and to show what a real ad is supposed to look like and no not a newbie. Was a member since RJ started, but was inactive for four years and for some reason my past log-in info could not be found and had to start over. Lost a ton of points

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