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Thread: Fuel line question for running alcohol

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    Fuel line question for running alcohol

    I am changing from race gas to alcohol. My car now has -10 braided hose with what looks like a rubber interior or liner is this ok for alcohol? Thanks

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    Most all stainless steel braided rubber hose will do OK on alcohol. After an extended time it may get hard or seep slightly if left empty. It will stop seeping as soon as the fuel has time to swell it up slightly.

    Have a good alcohol filter before the carb when you switch over as I have seen the alcohol clean the tank and line and cause carb problems.

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    Make sure your fuel pump is up to the task if you are running a electric pump.

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    Best advice is to replace the lines with new, and my preference would be for ptfe lined (teflon). It seems to hold up better, but is more expensive. Standard braided lines will be ok though as long as they are rated for fuel.
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    Take a samll piece of the line and soak in in methanol and see what happens.

    As for me I run -10 pushlock for feed and -8 for return.

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    If you are going to run the same fuel tank as you're running with gas, if it has foam in it be sure to take it out, it will desoluve with alcohol and cause more problems than you can ever believe, also if you have a fuel filter, make sure to use a stainless element not a paper one.


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