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Thread: Real Muscle Cars Scam. Big talker no money!

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    Real Muscle Cars Scam. Big talker no money!

    Advertising under Antiques and Classics reads Real Muscle Cars, guts name is Pete Lima, claims he will buy 60's and 70's Camaros and Trans Ams, highest prices paid, he has the cash!

    Does not want e-mails sent call him on his cell phone.

    Well I did and negotiated a deal, over the phone,
    He then wanted copies of the titles sent, when you copy an Ohio title the background comes up Void, did that gave verification that my wife and I were the owners of the cars!

    Called office number and Different name used for business other than what is listed in the ad!
    Called numerous times and no return, you know" oh he just stepped out, he's not in yet, he just left, etc. etc.
    finally he says that he can't pay the Agreed price for the cars, market conditions , shipping, ( he knew location of cars when he gave me an offer, wants to lower his price!

    BBB says they know of Him but no reports, so now they have one.
    Calls the business Cars and Trucks?

    Anyone have any dealings with this guy?

    He is located in Miami Florida.

    Owner of Racing Junk says won't do anything until someone is convicted if a crime, no wonder he is getting paid for the ad the clown is running.[/list]

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    People have made offers on my junk and never paid up for years on this site. I consider nothing sold till the cash is in my hand and the car is pulling out of my driveway.
    I also would never send anyone a copy of my title, way to much information to be handing out to someone you do not know.

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    No numbers sent on titles, only description of the vehicles, vin numbers are required to list on E-bay however you do not know if he is using as template for phony titles.

    I also called BBB before sending and they verified the business was actually there, but only confirmed as to the fact that the phone number and the location of record.

    As far as RJ, they are allowing an advertiser, who obviously pays to have an ad to give false information to its members and doing nothing about it!

    The ad reads" Real Muscle Cars " and the business name is alleged to be Auto and Truck Buyers!

    Too bad they don't do a better job checking out their advertisers before allowing ads to be posted.

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    Sounds like he is guilty of changing his mind....but he didn't scam anyone. I agree with Chris it ain't sold until money changes hands. Did he see pics before he made offer?

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    He sure did, you can agree with whoever you want!

    Fact is he is a scammer! Probably uses info for bogus vehicles!

    Talk all you self proclaimed experts, I will have the proof if what he is very soon!

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    i do not know either one of you but.........he is guilty of maybe backing out of your deal and nothing else i can see, you lost nothing did you? so unless you have some proof otherwise i do not see how you lost anything but time, so where is the scam?

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    The whole purpose of this forum is to post experiences with people who are not credible or honest with their dealings, whether it be selling or mis-representing the item being sold or a purchaser who does not live up to9 their obligation.

    I do not know you either Brad, and do not care to, opinions are like a...oles everybody got one and they all stink.

    Fact is got a person who advertises on this site that is, as far as my dealings with me, not an honest and trustworthy person to deal with.

    No you were not involved in the many communications I had with this person, so you do not know all that was said.

    The point is I was told by the owner of this site to post my experience on this site to inform other potential sellers or buyers of this persons conduct and reputation. That is what I am doing based on my experience with Pete Lima.

    So be my guest, deal with him, get stung and don't say you weren't warned.

    I have owned and operated multiple types of business in the last 35 years, and I can tell you when you have a so called business that operates under multiple names, does not belong to any of the local or national BBB's Chamber of Commerce's , and has claimed to be in business for 7 years, then something stinks when they make offers and request information to close a deal then back out, that my friend is considered a person not reputable to deal with.

    Have a nice Day!

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    after reading what you have to say, might be a good reason he backed out of the deal. is this the 1st time you had a deal fall apart?

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    Bad you are just not worth my time. Have a nice life,

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