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Thread: US in talks with the taliban

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    One more step in the "Give it all away" policy adopted by politicians after WWII to "Prevent" all out war . . Except it doesn't.

    The "Politically Correct" idea that to "Win" a war is not the solution, has become, since the Korean "Police Action" (wasn't a WAR, y'kno) the mantra of the Western Liberal.

    And because of that, the investment in blood that this country has made in places like Korea, Viet Nam, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan was just like buying junk stocks. Lots of investment with not only a total loss, but a poke in the eye . .

    For some stupid reason, those who wage war have spread the belief that because we want the world to always see us as the "Liberators", we cannot use "Overwhelming Force" to eliminate not only the fighters, but it's support system. And this gets our soldiers killed and horribly wounded. It forces us to go into a hostile area day after day, and it never ceases to be a "Hostile Area" . . The Military presence and constant hostile acts just drag on until we, the civilians become tired of seeing our soldiers killed and wounded and we "Settle" for peace . . with whatever government arises after we've removed the one that was there . .

    "Winning the Hearts and Minds" of the enemy and it's support system is a fairy tale. It was in Viet Nam, where the policy was generated, and has been ever since. When a hidden IED goes off in Iraq, Afghanistan or anyplace else the Islamic Jihad is occurring, people other than the people who made and planted the bomb knows it location, purpose and if not directly involved, support the day to day lives of those who do.

    Problem is, when you generate "Collateral Damage" with indiscriminate bombing or shelling, You piss everybody off at you, and they all are the Enemy . . They don't change their minds when some politician apologizes to them, even if their lives might be better after the "Military Action" . . Iraq is the current example . .

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    Well said.......It is ALL way bigger than U.S.
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    roadkill you are dead on. that's exactly the way it was and is!! ive allways believed if we are going in lets go in kick ass and go home.blow them to pieces I don't care just win and get our guys home.period....

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