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    Blower cam

    Whats a good hydraulic roller cam for a blower motor. I have a dart block 351w stroked to a 427 with afr 205 72cc heads. I have a 671 small bore blower that will only push 13 psi on the 427. The headers are kooks with 2 inch tubes running into 3 inch collectors. The motor is going into a 1970 fairlane with a c4 3000 stall with 3.73 gear. It's running on pump gas the compression is 8.4 with the 4" stroke.

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    Talk to a couple of Cam Suppliers. They know what to ask you and can tell you what they'd recommend. Make some analytical decisions and you'll know which one to use . .

    Just my opinion, but I don't think you have enough converter . . You're gonna want to leave on the blower so depending on the pulley, and the weight of the car, I'd bet you're gonna need one somewhere around 45-4800 rpm . .

    But I'm a high altitude racer so it might be a little different where you're from . .

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    It's a going to be on the street and I am in Houston, Texas. Comp cam recommend cam 35-556-8. Check out the specs and let me know what u think

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    Don't mean to sound like a wiseass, but it ain't about what I think . . If you're gonna use it on the street, what are you gonna use it for?

    Around the Drive Inn on week ends and an occassional smoke show to impress the fans?

    Or are you gonna "highway" it to car shows a hundred miles away?

    If you're gonna "Cruise" it locally, I'd guess (I'm beyond that now) that you want a "Rumpy" Cam with a lotta low end . . and if you're gonna drive it on the highway at freeway speeds (Rear ends a little low for th' highway unless y'got an AOD) something a lot milder is where you want to be . . Plus, you're going to want to pulley the blower up to where it doesn't pump a lotta boost below your cruising RPM . .

    Bottom line is what you'll be comfortable with when you do what you do most with it . . I don't think a Racing Cam is gonna make you happy if you drive it any distance at all, so it's up to you to decide what you want to put up with. Sometimes you have to experiment a little and the first cam won't work for you . . That's the problem with Hot Rods on the street. Each one reflects the wants of it's owner . . and what he'll put up with to be cool . .

    Good luck and enjoy . . .

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