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Thread: WANTED: louvered hood for a '67 Olds Cutlass

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    WANTED: louvered hood for a '67 Olds Cutlass

    HELP!! I'm looking for the original factory Louvered hood for a '67 Cutlass that's in our body shop. I found one, but the seller wont package it for shipment. It's the ONLY one I've found that not's completely rusted out. Any ideas to source rare parts??? anything is greatly appreciated.

    thanks for the help!!!


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    You're looking for chicken's Teeth . .

    Pack yer suitcase . .

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    I found a few companies that make reproduction louvers but nobody reproduces that hood that I can see. Is it possible to get the louvers and cut them into a stock hood?

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    Right now I'm deciding between putting in the man hours to repair the hood that was damaged, or going on this goose chase looking for something as close to original as possible.

    I'm not sure about cutting louvers into a hood. I'd never really thought about going that direction.

    I may just have to settle for a reproduction. I did find a reprod. that was pretty accurate...

    I'm also project managing the overhaul of a 71 Cuda convertible and have been looking for parts for this as well. I'm converting to a 440 with a 6-pack. This one is a bit of a's a 440, 4 barrel. We've got the carbs, and intake, etc. But we're fab-ing linkages...unless anyone knows where I can find those also!

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    I did a quick search and that hood type was pretty rare when those sleds were new, so finding one that's serviceable might be about the same as the rear window in a '60 Bonneville Bubbletop . . Y'gotta buy the whole car! And then fix the dents your "new" hood . .

    And while I don't know how long those louvers actually were, they look to be at least 4" and that's gonna be tough to find someone who's got a set of dies that big, and then to keep from screwing up a hood or two when punching them . . The two rows are very close together and will tend to "pull" the sheet metal towards the centerline of the hood and end up with a "Twist" right between the two rows . . The bigger the louvers, the more of a pain in the @ss. The only saving grace is there isn't very many of them, Five in each row, I believe.

    Probably be bucks ahead to just fix the one you have . .

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