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Thread: he is also going to visit to visit them.

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    he is also going to visit to visit them.

    Someone booed him: "Ralph! Say nothing and so we happy over the past few days say it!"

    There are a lot of people in such a thing in peacetime, NFL jerseys authentic,but did not dare publicly say, but today he was so shout out loud echoing him.

    "Yes! Yes! But to celebrate the moment now! Wine on the line!"

    "Work plan, it is left to the future now." Hope is also next to everyone chimed.

    Lenny reluctantly smiled: "Well, we drank good fun!"
    The golden beer rippling in transparent glass, we have a toast collided, and then his head and swig.

    This is a wine of victory, even if the drink more, and this time no one will move out of the "professional players should not be drinking this dogma disappointing.

    Sing like Hoffenheim fans in the stands:

    We will eventually win the cup overflowing beer.

    They do win, indeed overflowing cup of beer.

    The next season, they will make the whole of Europe to know that they are Hoffenheim, so try the football in Europe.
    One hundred and tenth chapter, he called high Hongbo

    A Sheng day celebration was held in the Rhine - Neckar Stadium in the evening, Rhine - Neckar able to accommodate three people, Nfl jerseys cheap, this figure is substantially equal to the population of the city of Sinsheim. In other words, if the entire city of Sinsheim all Hoffenheim fans, then when home games in Hoffenheim, Sinsheim stadium in addition to the the Rhine one within card will become a ghost town.

    Of course, this is not possible, Hoffenheim is indeed a the very local fans, but also a lot of fans surrounding areas, such as Mannheim and Heidelberg now have several Hoffenheim fans societies.

    This time of celebration, but also come from those places a lot, the Sinsheim not to become the point of the "ghost town". Touches Hoffenheim football team real home Hoffenheim has become an empty town, everyone came to the Rhine a card stadium to participate in the celebration of the team's. Each of them wearing a "Hurrah, our village are coming!" T-shirt, it is conspicuous in the crowd.

    The evening celebration is very, very busy and successful. Nike elite jerseys,When players brought a the Champion Award disk out to the audience burst into cheers and applause continued for a full five minutes.

    Chu transit as the team's captain, on behalf of the team thanks to the support of the fans this season, a special thanks to the fans from Mannheim, because half of the season, Hoffenheim create the Carl Benz Stadium in Mannheim unbeaten home record the Hoffenheim most crazy half of the season the support many full Ha surname fans.

    He also said that the presence of more than 30,000 fans, everyone can look forward to the team's performance in the Champions League next season.

    "We will let our football throughout Europe know where TSG Hoffenheim Sinsheim!"

    When he finished this last sentence, the audience burst into tennis cheers.

    Weiss jumped out to take over the microphone, facing the audience fans chanted "everyone with me shouting - Hoffenheim! Hoffenheim Hoffenheim! TSG, TSG!!!"

    The fans followed Weiss Scream the TSG Hoffenheim! Hoffenheim! Jerseys from china, TSG, TSG! Hoffenheim!! "

    Such cries resounding.

    Finally, the mayor of the city of Sinsheim public commitment from this summer, the town hall will start the construction of a balcony, so when Hoffenheim win again when the team has a place with people with music without having to bother the Rhine a card stadium.

    He also joked, "This is the most important of a construction plan in the city this year."

    The end after all the celebrations in Sinsheim, the team announced the dissolution of the holiday.

    The 2oo9 not contest years, the international football nothing great continental tournament, the World Cup is next year's Olympic Games and the European Cup last year, has just done for the Asian Cup, the America's Cup again held is also 2o11 things. So this summer, we can have a good rest. Rangnick frequent national team events caused the collapse of the physical fitness of the players do not have to worry about.

    Before the dissolution of the announce team Brannick warned all to "pay attention to the weight of each of you, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale, and I do not want valuable pre-season training takes three weeks for you to practice physical.

    Each Bundesliga season in mid-August on the opening play, the Bundesliga's preparation time is relatively small. And their circumstances of English and French, the French are Europe's top five leagues start time of the first gate early August of each year on the Kasai mouth while Serie A and the West as early as the beginning of September. So the fans like to see the Bundesliga will enjoy two weeks of exciting football fans like to watch Serie A and La Liga earlier.

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    WTF??? :roll:

    As close to "Normal" as I can get...

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    I wonder what this person is trying to sell??? :lol: :lol:

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    Radical IslamicTerrorist messaging system.....
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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