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Thread: Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer's Account??

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    Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer's Account??

    Bank of America is operated by a bunch of pricks! I fell out with them years ago when I found out that they were giving credit cards to illegal aliens, and were proud of it!! I closed out my credit card account with them because of that.

    Now I see that they have chosen to refuse to do business with a gun manufacturer after they have had an account with them for over 10 years??

    Bank of America Freezes Gun Manufacturer's Account, Company Owner Claims

    By Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.
    January 7, 2013

    Bank of America has reportedly frozen the account of gun manufacturer American Spirit Arms, according to its owner, Joe Sirochman.

    In a Facebook post dated December 29, Sirochman wrote the following:

    “My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms...our Web site orders have jumped 500 percent causing our Web site e-commerce processing larger deposits to Bank of America. So they decided to hold the deposits for further review.

    “After countless hours on the phone with Bank of America, I finally got a manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for further review -- her exact words were -- ‘We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on the Internet.’”(emphasis added)

    Sirochman also wrote that he told the bank manager that “they have no right to make up their own new rules and regs” and that “[American Spirit is a] firearms manufacturer with all the proper licensing.”

    He also noted that he has been doing business with Bank of America for over 10 years, but will now be looking for a new bank.

    According to Unlawful News, this isn't the first time Bank of America has targeted a customer involved in the firearms industry.

    McMillan Group International was reportedly told that its business was no longer welcome after the company started manufacturing firearms – even after 12 years of doing business with the bank.

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    I read this yesterday, What the HELL is going on in our America ? There has GOT to be more to this. I'm thinking pressure from Zero and his cronies.....
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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    While changing your Bank is a real pain in the @ss, I'd be out of there in a New York Minute . .

    And . .

    If you bank at BoA, close your account(s) and go find a Conservative friendly Bank . . That goes for all of those companies that donate to or support the Democratic party or the Obozo administration.

    I don't call it a boycott, I call it ceasing to do business with anyone who wants to make a Socialist Democracy out of this country.

    Screw 'em and put 'em out of business!

    Start with the Corporations who're sponsoring O'Bungler's Inaugration parties, Microsoft, AT&T and several others . .

    Do a little research before you buy anything. If they donated to the Liberals, buy someone else's product . . Hit these sonsabitches where they'll notice it, in the wallet . .

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