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Thread: Child Death Statistics

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    Child Death Statistics

    Interesting to note that over 830,000 children die each year world wide from automobile accidents, usually cause by someone that broke a law.

    Here in the USA over 8,000 children die annually from auto accidents with almost all of those being caused by a law breaker also.

    So this begs the question of why is there no public outcry and screams for banning cars or shooting drivers that break the law and cause these tragedies? :roll:

    Guns don't cause people to die any more than spoons make Rosie O'donnell fat! It's what an individual does that determines the outcome of the use of either!

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    Again, it's NOT about common sense or rational thinking . It IS about POWER OVER the people. These incidents are all PERFECT for the left's agenda to facilitate the UN's control over the world. GUNS not cars can be used AGAINST the 'authorities'/ blue helmets when they come. THEY want no chance of resistance. inch by inch by inch by inch and pretty soon ya got a foot........foot by foot by foot by foot..............AGENDA 21
    to those who

    God Bless our folks in uniform
    "We the People, have your backs"

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