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Thread: Has anyone else had a bad experience with Naylor Racing??

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    Has anyone else had a bad experience with Naylor Racing??

    Has anyone else had a bad experience with Naylor Racing(Proaction Heads) or scammed by them? I saw their ad #1418969 1000+ hp BBC Engines 565-582-600 CID ALL NEW DART BIG M $10,500.00, so I called & talked with owner, Jimmy Naylor. I asked him if he could build 1100+ hp engine, he replied he could any horsepower engine I wanted, I told him I wanted 1100+ hp engine & he stated he would work up an invoice & email it to me. When I received the invoice WHICH I WILL POST FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IN NEXT POST, I called him & asked him once again about the engine making 1100+ hp, he replied "look on the invoice I would not have quoted you that if I could not deliver". At that time, he told me what the deposit would be, which I gave him. I asked him how long it would take, he replied 5-6 weeks MAX. In the end, it was 14 weeks, before the engine was ready. My experience only got worse from there, I had the engine dynoed & at the very start, it was not getting oil to the rockers, so this was an additional $250.00+ gaskets for repair. Upon pulling the intake, instead of using the correct gasket Naylor used two gaskets and one had slipped leaking water into the lifter galley, another $80.00+ for oil & filter. Next I will post the invoice on which you can see where Naylor put 1100+hp then I will post the dyno sheets where you can see this supposedly 1100+ hp engine only made a best of 947 hp. THAT'S 153 HORSE-POWER less than it was supposed to make.

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    This is the invoice from Naylor with 1100+ hp written on it[/img]

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    This is page 1 of dyno sheets[/img]

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    This is the graph from dyno sheet[/img]

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    It is clear the engine is 153 horsepower short of what was guaranteed to me!
    When I found the engine was going to have to have additional work at an additional cost to me, I called Naylor and they would not even talk to me about it. After the engine was dynoed, the dyno operator suggested I contact Naylor and ask them about some form of reimbursement(in other words, they should make things right) I sent them an email and the only reply I received was NO REPLY at all, just like in the phone conversation. People like this make it hard to trust dealing with anyone else online.

    I'm not sure what to call this, but IT IS definitely Fraud, Scam, False Advertising or Internet Fraud!!

    I am going to report their ad to racingjunk in hopes they will check out the documents and investigate this. I know I did not get what I paid for and I am out my money, but maybe I can stop my fellow racers from falling victim to them.

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    thanks i will deal with someone else you just saved me a bunch of money

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    This is a copy of the mssg I was sent from the builder.

    I have no dog in this. Just posting what was sent to me. This was sent at almost the same time as I received some info from the buyer about this. I just want to make sure both have their side posted.

    J RaceSpace: Mrmopar
    Hi racer

    I dont think i know you but i will be happy to send you the invoice were he paid $11500.00 for a very nice 632 that should have cost $14000.00 or better. I tried to help him and now i wish i would have left him alone.The 1100 h.p was with cnc heads that he could no afford so i felt sorry for him and was going to do a set of dart 400 m heads that take alot of work and did him a dart tunnel ram to try and get as close to 1000+ h.p for $11500.00 thats all he had to work with. You know that a 632 with 430+ cfm heads with alky and two carbs will make 1030-1050 H.P we could not dyno the engine,he had all mopar parts to go on engine. He could not afford to by bbc parts to run the engine so he took it without dyno.Here again i was going to dyno at N.C , i have been on here and built alot of engines this is the only one that said any thing bad.I should not have to tell people that i am a good engine builder i am well known by dart,comp manley every on the the big companies i do R&D for them yu cant people comment on the good things people say on here. Sorry to bother you with this but you should know my side.


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    I'll be giving you a call after first of the year if i still have my car Thanks

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    First of all, all that anyone needs to do is look at the Naylor invoice where he clearly states 1100+ hp engine in his price for building a 1100+ hp engine. I paid his total price and the only question I had was will it make 1100+ hp, and he told me it should make 1140-1160 hp with the tunnelram on alcohol. If you pay someone to build you a 1100+hp engine should they not make it right. As you can see I have asked and given Jimmy Naylor of Naylor Racing Engines(ProAction Heads) time after time and chance after chance to make it right, and you can see his reply, nothing but excuses. When you buy from a business not an individual, and it is not what you paid for, don't you think they should make it right?

    He states I could not afford to buy BBC parts and had to use Mopar parts. In the next post I will post the required Chevy parts that I ordered and paid for from Naylor and by looking at the invoice & parts list for the engine build you can see I bought everything needed from Naylor the total cost added up to over $12,000.00, then when he did not dyno the engine it cost me an additional $500.00 for dyno work, another $250.00 plus $30.00 something for gaskets plus another $80.00 to replace the oil and filter again as when the intake had to be pulled for repairs because the rocker arms were not getting any oil, there was some water in the lifter galley from where Naylor used 2 intake gaskets instead of getting the proper thickness one and one had slipped leaking water. Now if you all would like a good laugh, after 14 weeks when I went to Naylor's to pick up the engine I met Jimmy Naylor for the first time, his eyes were wide as saucers & all spaced out. He pointed at my Terminators in the box and said those Mopar carbs won't fit on this Chevy engine and that Mopar vacuum pump won't bolt up to this Chevy engine or that Mopar Ron's fuel pump.LOL I will post my Mopar parts that were used. I took the 2 #1055(4500 Series) Terminators and linkage with everything remaining in tact that went on the BBC Dart Tunnelram and all I had to do was bolt them to the BBC intake. When we had the engine on the dyno we checked the barrel valve and it did not even need resetting. As for my Aerospace vacuum pump it bolted straight to the BBC head. As for the fuel pump I used the same bracket, may have used different holes, but it bolted right up to the BBC block. The Mopar mandrel as he called it, went right into the crankshaft and the fuel pump & vacuum pump pulleys lined up perfect. I hope this clears up the Mopar parts BS.

    After reading all of this if anyone is still thinking about doing business with Naylor Racing, don't make the mistake I made. I also talked with DynaFlow Engine builders on this site and I chose Naylor over them, not to save $1200.00 but because Naylor was close enough I could go pick the engine up when it was finished instead of paying shipping charges.
    BEFORE YOU PAY THEM YOUR DEPOSIT, YOU NEED TO MAKE THE TRIP TO NAYLOR'S SHOP AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. If I had only made the trip I would not be out my money. When you see the shop and their machinery, you won't want to do business with them!
    A 632 cu in BBC should make 1100 hp but if you don't first have the machinery and the know how just bolting the parts together is not going to get you much of an engine.

    When the deal was made Jimmy said it would take 5-6 weeks max to finish the engine. Below I will post the first and final paid invoices where you can see it took 14 weeks(3-1/2 months) that was this year's entire racing season!!

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    I'm going to try to redo this![img

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