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    I hate to do this and although doing so will probably not help me at all I hope it will help anyone else that may deal with Chuck Flynn from Panama City, Florida. He sells and deals with trailers and racecars often on racingjunk under CFLYNN529. This July after being notified I would be laid off I decided to sell my prostock S10. Chuck contacted me and we eventually agreed on a deal that included him trading me a Mullis 4-Link dragster, some cash, and engine parts. The engine parts included an unassembled 572 short block. Chuck assured me ALL parts were either brand new or in excellent ready to be used shape. The pistons, connecting rods, and rings were all new and there were no issues with those. However, I took the block to be finished bored and found that the block was cracked in two cylinders: #5 and #6. To make matters worse the crower crankshaft was already turned .020 on the rods and .020 on the mains and was filled with stress cracks. It also had 2 major cracks on the #4 rod journal from the oiling holes to the chamfered edge of the crankshaft. These cracks are so bad that they are clearly visible with the naked eye. The crankshaft is also blue on the outer edge of that journal. I contacted Chuck by phone immediately and he apologized and claimed he wasnít aware of the cracks in the block or the crank. He assured me he would make good financially for these shit parts or would replace them with new parts. At this point I was confident he would make good and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Two weeks passed and I did not hear back from him. I contacted him again and he claimed he would get back to me later that day, once again reassuring me he would make good. During this conversation he explained to me how great my truck was running and the number of round wins he and his son accomplished the first time out with it! A few more weeks passed and he failed to call me back, meanwhile he is racing and I have been sidelined all summer by his dishonesty. Approx. 3 weeks ago I was contacted by a local racer that knew my truck quite well that saw it advertised on racingjunk by Chuck Flynn. This was a prospective buyer that called to ask me questions about the truck since I had owned it for six years. I was tempted to bash Chuck to this gentleman, but figured I would take the high road and just answer the questions he had about the truck. In fact, I even encouraged him to buy it without mentioning how Chuck SCREWED me. Later that day I saw the ad of racingjunk and sent Chuck a message reminding him about how he assured me he would make good on the parts. He failed to respond to it. As it turns out, this gentleman bought the truck from Chuck and contacted me yesterday to let me know and to ask a few more questions about it. He paid $32,000.00 or more for it. I decided to call Chuck again yesterday and surprisingly he answered. I reminded him of his bullshit promises and really explained how badly he screwed me and set me back. I also shared with him how influential I may have been on the sale of the truck and that up until this point havenít bashed him on yellowbullet or racingjunk. He claimed that he didnít know the parts were screwed up yadda yadda. He said he would call me at 6 and that we will figure something out. He never called so I texted him multiple pictures of the cracked shit parts as well as other messages offering him ways to end this. In the end, I had to buy a whole new motor and didnít do much racing at all this year. This may seem like a drop in the bucket too most people, but I am self-financed, have a family, and race when I can afford it. I have his phone number and other contact info and thought about taking this even further, but at the minimum I hope I canít prevent others from being phucked!

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    A copy of the last message I sent him through racingjunk






    2012-09-23 11:16:07


    Prostock Style S-10!!


    Ad #2746976 - Prostock Style S-10!!


    Maybe when you sell the truck you can make good on the junk crankshaft you stuck me with?? (not to mention the cracked block!!) That really set me back and I trusted you which is why I never bothered to even look at the parts before taking them to the machine shop. The crankshaft was filled with cracks and was total junk, many that could be seen clearly with the naked eye. I still have pictures I could send you for proof. After speaking with you I really thought you would make good on it and send me another crankshaft or at least offset my cost some. I even spoke to a racer up here about buying the truck from you and although tempted, I didn't say anything negative about you to him and even encouraged this fellow to buy the truck from you. As for the block, I was at least able to sell that for $900 which is shit conisdering I made the deal with you thinking it was worth $2,000 or more. You made out very well on the deal to acquire the truck, especially since you were only asking $16,000 for your dragster and are now selling the truck for $27,000. Maybe you can send me some money to make good on the parts you assured me were in ready to be used shape?? At this point even $500.00 would go along way. I could easily have trashed you on this site and yellowbullet, but I am trying to take the high road. Do the right thing.


    I never got a response!

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    Here's some more:
    seems he sells a lot of cracked stuff

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    Expert Builder,

    Thanks for posting that link. It was an interesting read and it sure looks like Chuck has experience in screwing people. Karma can be a bitch and eventually it will catch up to him. The sad thing is if he would do the right thing and reimburse me for part of the loss I would be fine with things and let it go!

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    UPDATE: After seeing this thread as well as the one I posted on racingjunk I got a phone call from Chuck Flynn Friday Evening. I thought maybe he realized that now was the time to make good. Instead, he threatened me by saying, "He knew people that could take care of me," and that "he could drive up here from Florida himself." Ironically, he insisted he is an honest man and the people that know him can attest to that. I said, ďif youíre honest make good on these shit parts like you repeatedly said you would.Ē He then said that if I were honest why would I sell the crankshaft and block to someone else? I explained to him for the second time that I sold the parts on Ebay clearly advertising that the block and crankshaft were cracked. Furthermore, I explained that he left me no choice but to try and recoupe some of my loses since it had been 2 months and he had yet to make good. I even offered to send him a copy of my seller's page verifying my honesty and what I got for those parts. He continued to threaten me and expressed his displeasure for these posts. I told him is welcome to respond to these posts, but itís very clear I am the one that got screwed and he is the one with lots of cash from the sale of my old truck. Sadly, he even went as far to get an acquaintance of his that he knows through racing involved in this. Someone he knows bought my SB2.2 motor that I had in the truck and Chuck said, "when that motor blows up, you better make good." I explained that I was very honest when I sold that motor and this person (who's name I will keep out of this because it has nothing to do with this) has been more than happy with it and that he and I have spoken numerous times. I even hung the phone up with Chuck and called this gentleman to verify that he was pleased and when I told him what Chuck had done he was not at all happy. On the flip side he was still very pleased with the motor I sold him. Bottom line Chuck is a real piece of work and certainly not an honest man as he continues to proclaim.

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    the flynss of panama city fl. , hmmm, dad n lad, after trying a deal or two seems to shady for me, alwase trading around on cars trucks n trailers that belong to a buddy or someone else.... just too risky to deal with in my opinion. my 2 cents, k.b.

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