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Thread: Blower advise

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    Blower advise

    I am currently running an 8:71 on my BBD with 6 psi boost (combo street/ strip car). I've been battling the suspension with trying to get the weight to transfer. I now have decided to go with a Vortech, Paxton, or what ever with an MSD EFI to reduce front end weight (plus the EFI will be nice for drivability on the street). Which of the bracket mounted blower setups is better to use?

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    Weight transfer/traction issues can be solved with your current engine setup. Look at the thousands of street/drag cars with 871's on 'em.
    We need some info to help ya, if you want our help.

    - year, make, model car
    - weight of car
    - trans type
    - rear end and gear ratio
    - rear wheels/tires
    - any suspension mods you currently have from stock
    - any suspension tuning you might have tried

    This'll give us a starting point
    to those who

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    1964 Plymouth Belvedere
    3890 less driver
    727 trans with 11"- 3000rpm stall
    Ford 9" w/ 3:50
    drag radials 275/60R15
    Alterktion front clip with QA1 double adjustables 9-650 spring (originally had 9-500)
    Caltrac mono leaf with Caltrac bars with QA1 single adjust
    scales on wheels show originally showed:
    LF- 1050lbs RF- 1049
    LR- 950 RR- 990
    but have since put lite weight bucket seats, alterktion front clip, changed super stock leafs to mono leafs and relocated battery to trunk. :?

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    471-blower info

    Hello everone! Im Daniel and i just picked up a old 471 blower w/craiger drives n back plate. its all there and w/ dual v-belt drive pully. Any ways my question is.. can i run it on my 1985 truck/van 350 sbc thats in my 1974 nova. the engine is stock crank, rods, and pistons. its a 8:1 or 8:5:1 c/r when it had stock 75cc heads. It now has edelbrock performer rpm alum. heads 70cc , 202 / 168 valves . Wich should up c/r a bit mabey 8:7;1 ? A new timing chain , gear set, oil pump, comp cams 274/286 dur. and 490/490 lift. and 1.6. Rollr rockers wich make total lift 522/522 . Good flowing exhaust. so can i run this 471 blower if i keep it 3-5 psi boost????[/b][/i]. anyone???

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    It will work but the problem is your pistons. Any type of boost will break your ring pack out the top of the piston. I tried regular forged pistons With 5 pounds boost and pistons only lasted one year. Blore specific pistons have a bigger ring pack area to the top of the piston to prevent the pistons from breaking. I just pulled the blower off my car and went to a cross RAM

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    BD95, I'm a Chevy guy. But a 64 Plymouth Belvedere with an 8:71 Huffer would be just TOO KOOL 8) to change. Can't you just get a glass front end to lighten it?
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    The issue i have is the torque. I hook out of the hole but 30 feet out blaze the tires once the weight transfers back to the front. And because the car weighs almost 4000 lbs, I have to run 13 lbs in the 9" slicks. Tried 10 lbs which helped with the traction but made is unstable driving the top end. After 4 years of fighting it i determined the blowers make awesome street cars and work excellent racing it in a chassis car

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    Have you got video of the car running? It sounds like the rear shocks are bottoming out and unloading the rear after the initial hook. I would try a more adjustable shock. I have seen the same problem on a few cars. Do you have the extra leaf on the passenger side?
    Here is a link for some info.

    Hope this helps.

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    Lol- been there done that QA1 double adjustable front and back. Caltrac monoleaf and caltrac bars. Many test runs and adjustments tried. Moved the engine back 1.5".... Weight distribution is 58/42. Ladder bar or 4 link i think would be the only way to keep the transfer back. So 180lb blower came off and 35lb cross ram goes on... Probably loose 1.5 sec in the 1/4 but will now go rounds.... Hopefully- lol

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    Are the shocks the right length? The video can show the rebound if it is bottoming out. Use white shoe polish to paint a stripe on the tire, it is easier to see when the tire starts to break loose. Look for the reaction of the body when the tire starts to break loose. If the body stops suddenly and then the tire starts to spin, you'll know it is possibly a shock problem.

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