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Thread: Ruff ride ?????

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    Ruff ride ?????

    Hey guys, I got a 67 camaro that i built and still am building since 2006. I installed new coil springs and new stock shocks up front, and went with the original mono leaf rear spring with a coil over shock in the rear. My car rides super ruff as if the frame had NO suspension. I had a 12 bolt ladder bar setup a while back and decided to put everything back factory because of the ride. Now with everything back factory, its still the same. I do know that new suspension has to be (broke in) or (settle) but dang, new vehicles from the factory dont ride ruff? Any suggestions?

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    Sound's to me, that you or over sprung in the rear, having both the mono and the coilover shocks, i would either install stocks shocks, or go with a softer spring rate on the coilovers, a less aggressive shock would prob be best.

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    Yeah i think your right on the over sprung or something. The reason i had to maintain coil over shocks is because when i had the 12 bolt with ladder bars, i also mini tubbed the car. All professionally done, however, now i have NO factory shock location up top. So, i bought another coil over kit and welded it to the 10 bolt axle. Still have the bar across top from frame to frame rail, so i installed a super short shock which the only one i could find was actually rear atv shocks. Guess i may have to call a company to see if someone either sells a mini gas shock or find another small car coil over shock. Im looking at a 13-15 or 16 inch fully extended, and a 8 or 9 inch fully compressed. That's all i have to work with.

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    Look into dirt modified race shocks and springs from places like Speedway Motors, Day Motorsports, JR Motorsports, Performance Bodies, etc. They offer numerous soft springs and shocks required for modified 4 bar rear setups.

    With your combo of monoleaf and coilover, you need to know and calculate the total rate of both springs, and buy your coils accordingly. You probably don't want much more than 200 - 225 total combination max.

    Also consider split valve shocks from Bilstein, Afco, Integra, Pro or others. You can get 7" 8" or 9" shocks in various rates such as 30-50, (also known as 3-5) which is easier compression - stiffer rebound which will soften up your ride. We call them "tie down" shocks because they let the car settle easy then let it raise back up at a slower pace. There are numerous rates available ranging from 90-10 to 10-90.

    Remember that Bilsteins the numbers are backwards, so it will be 5-3, five rebound three compression.
    Speedway Motors also has Hot Rod suspension stuff.
    I'm not hatin... I'm just sayin...

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    Hey thanks bro! That is the way that i wanna go. I dont need to have the coil over springs, just a good shock to work in conjunction with the mono springs. I was just informed yesterday about speedway motors. Im sure that someone out there has a shock just for me. Price is not an issue at this point. :P

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