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Thread: Well, Here's Another One!

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    Well, Here's Another One!

    Here's another Democrap that got convicted on VOTER FRAUD, something other Democraps say doesn't happen? Yeah, right. ACORN anyone???

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    It's just gonna get worse and worse between here and Dec/Jan...This is why we need that OVERWHELMING majority VICTORY in November.
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    While voter fraud isn't as common as it used to be, when even dead Democrats voted at least twice, it's coming back . . .

    Mail in voting as well as voting with no Picture ID (both of which the Democrats are all for) is the leading method of voter and election fraud taking place today. That, and, of course, "Finding uncounted votes in the trunks of cars" . . As when Al Franken got elected in Minnesota . . They just kept "Finding" uncounted votes until Franken won . . This has happened to a lesser degree where I live, in a county where the Democratic machine has operated for nearly 100 years. Here, we refer to it as "The Roselawn Vote" . . Roselawn is a big cemetary . .

    My view is that we need to return to the process of going to the poll site, present a valid ID and secretly choose our representatives and government executives. Then count those votes ONCE . . How Goddamned hard is that?

    On "Absentee" Ballots? Only for Americans who are out of the country on election day because they're in the military. Everyone else? If you aren't home at suppertime, you don't get supper. That simple . . How many election days do we need?

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